There Is More to Digg than the Homepage

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Sites like [Digg]( are well known for driving thousands of visitors to a website within a very short period of time. Because of this everyone is scrambling to get a story on the [homepage]( without realizing that they could get hundreds of hits from Digg on a daily basis without even getting their site on Digg’s homepage.
If you are the first to comment on a story that reaches the homepage and you link back to your website within the comments area, you will notice that it can drive a few hundred visitors. So if you want to get a few hundred visitors by commenting on these social sites, here is what you do:
1. First find upcoming stories that have the potential to reach the homepage, are related to your site, and have little to no comments.
2. Then you want to read the story and make sure you have something useful to say.
3. If you have something worthy to say and can relate it to a page on your website then you can try to comment and add a link to your website.
If you do this you can expect a few hundred visitors from Digg. Before you start adding comments like crazy make sure that your link benefits the community and most importantly that you don’t spam. If you [spam]( the community your comment will be buried and you can damage your sites reputation on Digg. So no matter what, you should always do what’s best for the community and when in doubt don’t do it.
Update: By all means, I am not telling anyone to spam Digg. I am just pointing out that people are doing this to get traffic from Digg.

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