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My friend Rob, just luanched the [The Micropreneur Academy]( Here is a bit more information on it.

The Micropreneur Academy, an online learning environment for solo software entrepreneurs, is opening its doors to new enrollments soon. Launched in April by noted software blogger and entrepreneur Rob Walling of Software by Rob, the Academy takes developers and entrepreneurs through the process of building and launching a software product (including web applications) with a focus on online marketing topics such as blogging, buzz marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

Academy members support one another through the private forums and a members-only LinkedIn group and they follow a proven blueprint for finding a profitable niche, building a product, launching, marketing, and supporting it as a one-person software company. Many current members have launched or are launching their own product/web app in the first few months.

Look for a review of the Academy in Bob Walsh’s upcoming book, The Web Startup Success Guide.

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