The Unappreciated StumbleUpon Effect

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Content producers, service providers, and marketers alike, crave the Digg effect, the Slashdot effect, and so on, but you rarely ever hear about the power of StumbleUpon (and it is quite powerful).
According to eBizMBA, StumbleUpon ranked at number 6 for the 30 most popular social bookmarking sites for July 2007. The site was ranked above both Slashdot and Reddit but still is one of the least appreciated sources of traffic. The reasons for this are because people misunderstand the nature of the site. Because StumbleUpon was conceived as, and continues to be a site that is heavily used to explore content consisting of art, design, and photography, people think that other kinds of content cannot become popular on the site.
While it is true that a large part of the StumbleUpon community prefers non-text content, as shown through the following Pronet Advertising posts, this doesn’t mean that regular content cannot get popular on the site:

SEOs Are A Part of the Problem – 3,300 Visitors on day 1
Four Web Annoyances to Avoid on Your Site – 2,831 Visitors on day 1

Not only that, but in fact 10% of Pronet Advertising’s referral traffic comes from StumbleUpon, and while we occasionally have content consisting primarily of images, most of our content is articles. This is just another example of why you shouldn’t put all your content in one socially driven basket and should explore all possible avenues for traffic.

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