The Unappreciated StumbleUpon Effect

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Content producers, service providers, and marketers alike, crave the Digg effect, the Slashdot effect, and so on, but you rarely ever hear about the power of StumbleUpon (and it is quite powerful).
According to eBizMBA, StumbleUpon ranked at number 6 for the 30 most popular social bookmarking sites for July 2007. The site was ranked above both Slashdot and Reddit but still is one of the least appreciated sources of traffic. The reasons for this are because people misunderstand the nature of the site. Because StumbleUpon was conceived as, and continues to be a site that is heavily used to explore content consisting of art, design, and photography, people think that other kinds of content cannot become popular on the site.
While it is true that a large part of the StumbleUpon community prefers non-text content, as shown through the following Pronet Advertising posts, this doesn’t mean that regular content cannot get popular on the site:

SEOs Are A Part of the Problem – 3,300 Visitors on day 1
Four Web Annoyances to Avoid on Your Site – 2,831 Visitors on day 1

Not only that, but in fact 10% of Pronet Advertising’s referral traffic comes from StumbleUpon, and while we occasionally have content consisting primarily of images, most of our content is articles. This is just another example of why you shouldn’t put all your content in one socially driven basket and should explore all possible avenues for traffic.

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  • I have always seen Stumble Upon as a better traffic source than Digg. SU staggers the traffic that goes to your site while digg drops it all at once.
    With StumbleUpon if they send 24K hits your way it will be spread out at a rate of about 1K per hour. Digg will drop them all on you in the span of a few minutes!
    If you are looking for social media as a way to increase your revenue then you need only look towards Netscape which is currently being overrun with spammers and sploggers! I guess someone figured out that Netscape is an older demographic and one which does not use ad blockers.
    I can only hope Netscape puts a stop to this… hint, hint, hint…

  • StumbleUpon can also be a great source of traffic for a new blog. I submitted one of my old blogs when it was only a week or so old and it brought a thousand hits the next day – that’s a pretty big jump from just a handful of visitors.
    StumbleUpon also has the potential to bring in long-term traffic where other social networking sites do not. I think it’s without a doubt the most underrated social networking service for bloggers – probably because the pay-off is long-term.

  • I can’t rate StumbleUpon highly enough.
    Not only do I find high quality, highly relevant content, but I get to meet some really good people on there, too.
    Yeah, the forums are more like ‘blogs, and yeah you can’t really see what’s happening to the stuff you’re voting on, but it’s the social element that’s hard to fault.
    Plus, the beta version’s just introduced some really cool features, which makes it a stack easier to see what your friends are up to…

  • Actually, a lot of people have talked about the StumbleUpon effect. It’s WAY better than Digg traffic.
    With StumbleUpon, you can pick the topics you’re interested in. So, for example, a blog about cars can get significant traffic – and repeat traffic – just by having each post submitted to SU and tagged with “cars.”
    So while you might get a fun Digg spike here and there – the quality of the traffic is better from SU.
    TIP: If you want the sites you “discover” to get stumbled, then do a few minutes of hitting that stumble bar everyday. You’ll love the results.

  • Article written a month ago (no photos or images). 12,737 unique visitors over the past 7 days. Yeah, SU is awesome, but why do you have to go and tell everyone? 😉

  • Bill Atkins

    Stumble Upon is more democratic than the other social bookmarking sites because it is more difficult to game their system.
    BTW: Your breaking one of the cardinal rules of blogging mentioning and not actually linking to them. TSK, TSK I found your post from their site.
    Keep up the good work Muhammad.

  • StumbleUpon is simply the best social network, in my opinion. Although photographs are popular, I have found some very good sites with helpful articles that caught my attention. Come to think of it, I stumbled across this site too.

  • Unappreciated? Not by me. Send all the SU traffic my way 🙂

  • @ Matt: Agreed – it’s the best for finding a wide variety of things, from recent news to evergreen content and interesting websites in all genres. The traffic is fickle, and a lot of it doesn’t convert into readership or incoming links, but it can result in many visits as well as some intense discussions. My only wish is that I were as successful on OTHER social news/network/bookmarking sites as I have been on StumbleUpon!

  • I enjoy using StumbleUpon more than any other social site, but I have to say that, while you get traffic, it’s even more less targeted than from the other sites.

  • I jsut started to use StumbleUpon for my blog.
    I allready got some hits from it and since it is a high PR site it should also help my PR. Its a great tool I learnd to use faaaar to late.

  • You have to Stumble to get hits to the stuff you submit.

  • Anyone who stumbles good SEO content, or social media content regularly I will add as a friend. Just find Lyndoman on Stumble.
    I’ve kicked out all my arty farty, bohemian, friends and now only have hard core SEO types.
    I sent 10k of stumblers to a clients site the other day, man I love pleasing clients.