The rise of "Made For Digg" websites

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Ethan Kaplan recently proposed a new term, Made for Digg (MFD), which is similar to Made for AdSense (MFA). For those of you that don’t know what a MFA website is, it is basically a website that has a sole purpose of getting people to click on AdSense ads. In a similar manner, MFD describes websites that are specifically built for Digg bait. Ethan describes these sites as containing nothing more than funny images found around the web that are put into one place. There are even websites that I consistently see on Digg’s homepage that always seem to have very Digg-oriented content that I would also put in the MFD category. I’ve seen a lot of these lately but I come across more funny images websites or even webpages more on StumbleUpon than I do on Digg.
In general there is a difference between the content found on Digg and StumbleUpon. A lot of this has to do with the way these communities are each setup and the way they deliver content. Digg seems to be a mix of news articles, tutorials, and sensationalist pieces like top ten lists. StumbleUpon on the other hand seems to have a lot more of the “one funny image” type pages than Digg, which is fine because it suits the whole “stumble” across new sites to kill time model better than it suits the democractic news model that Digg has become famous for.
Back on point though, this definitely seems to be a new trend. So, what does everyone think, is it a bad thing or a good thing?

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

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  • mad4

    The fact that he thinks MFD sites would have Adsense on them ruins the article a bit. Its well known that if you want to link bait you need to remove the adsense. No diggers click ads anyway.
    A MFD site IMO will have no ads at all.

  • Orson Adams

    @ mad4: i think you have misinterpreted this article, Cameron was showing the similarities in definition of the terms : MFA are sites that are just made so that users click on the adds and MDA would be sites who’s content is digg related thus the similarities.
    I think is an acronym that can be used in seo/m smo jargon.

  • Auke

    I think it’s a bad thing having web sites specially made for Digg. I think those sites aren’t personal, and you won’t be surfing back to them manually. So practically they only have one time visitors untill their next story. I don’t think there’ll be much conversation on sites like that either. Personally I like the personal blog more. It shows somthing of the person behind it.

  • Stefan Juhl

    Whether or not a site is MFD shouldn’t matter at all. It’s pretty much just supplying what there’s demand for. What it comes down to is in my opinion how getting it dugg is achieved.
    As long as legit users digg such sites they’ll be created. Just like email spam only exist because people buy the stuff being offered. And if the MFD’s were so bad they’d just be buried “instantly”.

  • mad4

    @Orson: The article says “these are sites that are specifically formatted as Digg bait to satiate people

  • Auke

    @Stefan Juhl: You’ve got a very strong point there.

  • engtech

    Good content is good content.
    If people are making content specifically for the digg/stumbleupon audiences AND it’s what the audiences want to see… more power to them.
    What I see a lot on StumbleUpon though is that people will copy other content… like those CATS IN YUR BOOTZ photo pages… must be hosted on so many different sites.

  • jimbo

    I like the term but I can’t help thinking that this post was also MFD.

  • Cameron Olthuis

    Jimbo, Glad you like the term but again, it’s not one that I thought of. Also, as far as I know this post wasn’t submitted to digg and to be honest I don’t think it would make the homepage even if it was.

  • SEOsnafu

    I think it’s possible that the MFA, and MFD, actually evolved from the MFM, or Made for MSN.
    One of the first to game, MSN might get top honors in this case.