The quest for the perfect online ad

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Paul Slogan from Business 2.0 recently wrote a great article on [the quest for the perfect online ad]( He discusses how although Google is the king of search, users only spend 5% of their time searching. With users spending 95% of their time on the Internet engaged in non-search related activities, how can you target them? I don’t think there is an answer, but here is how I would go about creating the perfect ad.
I think you can’t create one perfect ad for the whole Internet, but you can create a perfect ad for each website you are advertising on. Instead of just targeting ads by topics (placing an iPod ad on a blog about all things Apple) I would go one step further by creating an ad targeted towards the audience of a website.
Example: Michael Arrington from [TechCrunch]( gets hundreds of emails everyday from people requesting that he blog about their product. In essence they want a link from him because it will drive thousands of visitors and potentially make the companies thousands of dollars. The problem is Michael Arrington can’t blog on them all which makes it very difficult to get a blog post or even a link from him. Because of this [Text Link Ads]( decided to place an ad on TechCrunch.

In my mind that is the perfect ad because Text Link Ads did not go the easy route by using the same advertisement all over the place, instead they created an ad that could relate to the visitors who come to And the best part about the ad is that it also converted really well for them.
Do you have any examples like this of “the perfect ad”?
**Disclaimer: I am currently an evangelist for Text Link Ads.

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