The Pronet Advertising Quality Pledge

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This is the first of the great ideas from Steve that I mentioned. Steve also wrote a large part of this pledge.
In an effort to further improve the quality and credibility of the content on Pronet Advertising, we have established a code of conduct and a set of rules that will regulate all the content written on the site.
1. Our first priority is our audience. Please feel free to contact individual authors or use the site’s contact form to get in touch with us if you have any concern or would like us to cover any specific area, news item, or site.
2. We will continue to produce content solely for our readers. We are making explicit something that should at least be an implicit policy at every site. We will NOT pander to any social media or other audience. Instead we will continue to focus on creating content that the Pronet Advertising audience will enjoy.
3. We will NOT submit our own stories to socially driven news and content sites. We will continue to write good content and if it is worthy, the social media aware audience will submit and promote the content for us.
4. We will NOT falsely inflate the position of submitted stories. No social media conscious site should artificially inflate its numbers. It is against the terms of agreements of the socially driven sites and is in generally a sign of weak content. Instead we will allow votes to accrue naturally.
If you notice any of our authors engaging in the behavior outlawed above, do not hesitate to let us know and we will take the proper actions.
Muhammad Saleem
Stephen Searer
Neil Patel
MG Siegler
Chris Hemphill

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