The Importance of Understanding Audience Demographics

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Understanding the audience demographic of a media outlet when wanting to utilize it to get exposure for your content or when wanting to advertise a product or service through it, is extremely important.
Take for example Digg. Everyone wants to get on the front-page of the site and many are willing to pay for it or take extreme (and wrong) measures to do it. But the exposure you get from Digg is not for everyone. According to information provided by Federated Media, Digg’s audience comprises of:

Business and IT influencers working in technology.
* 94% male
* 88% 18-39
* 64% HHI above $75k
* 52% IT professionals, developers or engineers
* 26% managers or above
* 39% publish their own blog

Keeping that in mind, it would be highly unproductive for eastside mothers of multiples to try and take advantage of Digg.

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