The Importance of Marketing Regionally

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More often than not, when we hear traffic numbers, they are in absolute terms. For example, 60% of users visiting social networking sites use MySpace. Figures represented in this way, though tell us enough for marketers with deep pockets, don’t help small marketers very much.
Saying that MySpace owns 60% of all social networking traffic is fine, but what the statistics don’t tell you is that while MySpace may be dominant in some regions, the social network isn’t necessarily the number one destination everywhere. For instance, if you look at ComScore data for July, you can see that in the UK, Bebo is in fact more popular than MySpace and someone looking to market to the audience of the most prolific social networking site in the UK would be mislead by the 60% ‘overall’ number.
What this means is that if the only thing you care about is casting the widest possible net, you should diversify the marketing platforms you choose not based on absolute numbers, but based on regional traffic statistics (i.e. Bebo for the UK, MySpace for America, Orkut for Brazil, and so on). Furthermore, the argument can be extended to say that if you have a gender-specific product or age-specific content then you should be looking at that demographic, and again not just at the absolute numbers.

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