The Importance of Blog Action Day

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Today is Blog Action Day, and thousands of blogs (including Pronet) have chosen to participate by both bringing attention to the environment and donating the day’s revenue to a green cause.
What would happen if thousands of blogs decided to focus on one issue for one day, in an attempt at spreading awareness and raising money for good?
The concept and branding of “green” has overcome outdated, crunchy-granola stereotypes and really come into its own in recent days. Green allowed Al Gore to win the Nobel Prize. It has become a cause that outspoken movie stars will support. It has become an artistic subject. And perhaps, most relevantly for our readers, green content is incredibly popular on Reddit and Digg; you can even get props for just submitting it.
Generally speaking, I personally feel as though we are on the verge of a revolution regarding the green movement. This is a generation of young people that has not only shown that it cares deeply about the environment, it also knows how to use the internet as an efficient means of mass communication and mass marketing. The pressure on businesses and corporations to “go green” is immense and it will only get stronger. Moreover, from a company’s perspective, not only does going green look good from a marketing standpoint, it’s good for business too. So with so much going for it, why is there still any resistance to the movement at all?
Ultimately, there will always people who either believe that we don’t need to change, or that the pursuit of profit is tantamount to all other causes. So today, we remind ourselves that we must speak out for what we care passionately about. Today, we harness the collective power of the internet to make our voice heard. We know that it will be. Surely our future, and the future of those that will come after us, depends upon it.
In the spirit of this day, in addition to blogging about it, go ahead and subscribe to some blogs focused entirely on our environment and our planet, and click on over to Blog Action Day’s website to find out how you can do more.

Cameron Olthuis

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