The Battle of the Google Search Ads – Why Web Ads are the Future

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I’m sure most of you heard about the $200 iPhone price cut that Apple announced yesterday and the sound of hundreds of thousands of early-adopters scream. Here’s a look at the ensuing battle of the Google Search Ads that resulted from Apple’s move. And why television and print advertising is a thing of the past.
Capitalizing on the frustration of the early adopters, Nokia was quick to launch the following advertisement for the search “iPhone price drop”:
image from TechCrunch
Not to be outdone by Nokia, Apple launched their own counter-campaign:
image from Search Engine Land
But this is certainly not the first time we’ve seen saber-rattling like this. Remember when we first heard about John Chow getting dropped from Google Search results? Here’s the ad that one competitor bought to capitalize on that:
What we see here is that increasingly and especially for tech-related companies, the web is becoming a more important vehicle for advertising than print or televised ads, and the reasons for this are simple. If Apple had advertised iPhone on television or in magazines with a price point of $599, they would either have to re-do that part of the television ad (far more costly) or wait for another issue of a magazine to come out before they could launch the new ads (and even then the old ads would stay).
With online advertising, and especially search advertising, the cost of production is incredibly small (comparatively), and the ads can be changed instantly to suit the current situation (and the older ads don’t stick around), as we see from this example.

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