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Yesterday Technorati launched its’ new personalized homepage. With the pressure from the competition (Sphere, IceRocket, Google Blog Search), and another round of funding, it makes sense why Technorati redesigned their homepage to go the personalization and more mainstream (MySpace) route, but I don’t like it.

The concept of personalizing your Technorati homepage is great, but it confuses me. I have a Technorati user name and I login every once in a while, but yesterday I was not logged in. When I first saw the page, I did not realize that it was customizable and could not find the “top 100 blog list” that Technorati is famous for, so I decided to login…

After I logged in, this was my new Technorati homepage. It has a lot more white space then the old Technorati, but it also felt overwhelming to me. With all of these options, I was not sure what to do. I usually go to Technorati because it is a good blog search engine and I like looking at the top 100 blog list. But with the new design I feel that they are moving off in 100 different directions and not concentrating purely on being the best blog search engine.
Technorati probably has a good reason for changing, but it might cause an effect in the blog search engine space which can hurt them. With Technorati changing, it leaves an opening for a simple blog search engine to come in and try to take over. I prefer the simplicity of Sphere and hopefully they will improve their search results, so I can use them for a simple easy solution to blog search.

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