Technorati Is Trying, and It’s Counting for Something

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Just about a week ago Technorati launchedTopics‘, a new service aimed at keeping you up to date at the latest posts coming in from the blogosphere. While some downplayed it as a simple TechMeme wanna-be, others rightly noted it as a meandering DiggSpy (in my opinion it’s almost an exact combination of both). One week into its existence I’ve definitely noticed one thing: it’s generating a lot more incoming links back to my site than Technorati was doing without it. Interestingly it’s actually even not that far off of the incoming traffic numbers from TechMeme.
Now this data could very well be skewed because the Topics service is so new, and a lot of people have no doubt loaded up the site to check it out after reading about it on sites like the aforementioned TechMeme. But after a severe drop-off in traffic after day 1, the amount of incoming traffic has remained fairly constant for the rest of the week. It is by no means a large chunk of visitors, but it is something, and that’s a start.
Technorati has been under a lot of fire recently around the Internet – and for some justifiable reasons. After becoming the go-to name in blog ranking, the service has been plagued by some lackluster service launches (WTF) and more importantly, site outtages and overall poor performance. Love it or hate it, Topics is at least a sign that Technorati is willing to listen to the ideas of its users and trying to and come up with ways to better showcase the massive amount of information about blogs they possess.
They do still need to do a better job policing their own site however as not only are there fraudulent blogs out there created just to boost another blog’s authority, it also appears that WTF has turned into little more than a game-a-thon. It’s like what Digg would look like if Digg never kicked out users and didn’t ban URLs.
In the post announcing the Topics launch, Technorati themselves describe this as just a first step towards greater things. That’s encouraging to hear as I do think there is definitely a place for Technorati in the future of the Blogosphere.

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