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Last week I wrote a post on how well Technorati has done in regards to their search engine optimization. I also mentioned there were a few key things they could do to improve what they’ve already done.

Technorati is also using search engine friendly title tags. Every one of their title tags includes the same keyword as the tag and the anchor text from the inbound links. However, the title tags could be improved on a little, if they moved the keyword to the beginning of the title.

Steve Rubel posted this morning that Technorati has optimized their title tags for Google by moving the keywords to the beginning of the title. Steve not only thinks this will help with their SEO but will also attract the attention of more searchers.

That certainly got my attention and it will attract both newbies and experienced blog readers alike.

I agree with Steve. Technorati has done a great job of optimizing the title tags for both the search engines and the users. It’s one thing to write title tags that will rank high in the search engines, it’s another to write ones that will both rank high and entice readers to click through to your site.
I’m not sure if this is a coincidence but I can’t help but think Technorati is doing a great job tracking their buzz and implementing feedback where they see it will benefit them.

Cameron Olthuis

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