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One of the reasons I love trading emails is that I’m often inspired to blog about an idea that comes up. In a recent email swap with David, from the Social Media Optimization blog, we started talking about SMO strategies and how to target the different channels. With SEO it’s easy, you pretty much want to rank on every possible search engine there is, anytime someone performs a relevant search you would want to show up. Right? SMO is different, most social websites have their own unique communities. For example, if you’re a “cooking” social network then Digg is the wrong site to optimize for, Chowhound or some of the other recipe sharing websites might make more sense for you.
The point is that we do not always want a website to appear on all the social media sites. Although some of the social media sites have such large audiences there’s a bunch of mini-communities for just about every niche, the biggest example being MySpace. The options are pretty much endless with the social web, even optimizing brick and mortar websites is possible using websites like Yelp.

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