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After looking at my statistics after numerous posts from my site were submitted and promoted on StumbleUpon, I saw a huge difference between traffic from the more mainstream socially driven sites (i.e. Digg and Netscape) and that from StumbleUpon, in a very positive way.
Exposure that lasts
Both Digg and Netscape send almost zero traffic until you get promoted to the sites’ homepages. While both these sites, and especially Digg, have the power to send thousands of visitors to your site in a very short time, exposure from these sites starts only once your content gets promoted and lasts only as long as you are in the first few pages of the promoted content sections of the sites. The further down the homepage you move, and then the further down the pages of the homepage you move, the smaller your traffic numbers will get.
On the contrary, you only need 3-4 thumbs of approval from Stumblers before a decent number of visitors start coming in to your site. The more ‘likes’ (thumbs up, or votes) you get, the more traffic you will get. Unlike Digg, where you can get 5,000 visitors per hour for a few hours and then next to none from there on, StumbleUpon sends you sustained traffic over long stretches of time. For example, I have been seeing the site send me around 200 unique visitors per hour for 3 days now, with the number sometimes spiking to 350 per hour and even as high as 1,200 visitors per hour.
People often discount StumbleUpon because the traffic spikes aren’t as sudden and as huge as those resulting from Digg. While it’s true that the spikes aren’t as huge, if you look at the total traffic trends over longer stretches (i.e. a week or two) you will see that the visitor count equals out. Furthermore, because the traffic from StumbleUpon is averaged out over longer periods, you don’t have to worry about exhausting your MySQL databases or crashing your servers.

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