What Star Wars Can Teach You About SEO

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Imagine your site is like the Death Star. You’ve created your site, and it is now seems impenetrable. Your search engine rankings are fantastic, and you feel confident. Then, all of a sudden, your rankings plummet. Maybe it was the Google Algorithm update or maybe it was the broken links or cloaked text on your site. Whatever it was, Google penalized your site thoroughly, just like the Rebel Alliance destroyed the first (and second) Death Star.

Though Star Wars is from a galaxy far, far away, it can teach us some surprising lessons about SEO and how to optimize your website correctly.

Don’t Go to the Dark Side

As Yoda says, the Dark Side of the Force is a quicker and easier way of getting what you want. But it’s not the best. It’s not stronger. And it will lose. The Dark Side cheats to get what it wants. For example, because the Sith lords do not have access to the organic crystals used to make light sabers—which are guarded by the Jedi—they have to make them synthetically. This is also the reason why their light sabers are red—they are fraudulent.

Similarly, the Dark Side of SEO, also known as black hat SEO, tries to circumvent the system by using cloaked and hidden text, link farms, and other search engine-focused strategies. Rather than building authority organically, black hat SEO pays for backlinks to boost rankings, without actually providing the quality content that high-ranking sites should have. Search engines are getting better and better at discovering cheaters and punishing them. Keep your website practices safely away from the Dark Side. In the long run, your honest work will pay off.


SEO Mastery Takes Practice

Use the what?

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Yoda didn’t become a Jedi Master immediately, just like Han Solo didn’t become the pilot he is the moment he sat in a pilot chair (unlike an Episode I Anakin Skywalker). Both had to work at it, constantly practicing and learning. It took time and dedication to become the experts and masters they are.

Similarly, you can’t expect to become an expert at SEO without studying it and practicing it. You need to put forth the time and effort to learn SEO to become good at it, just like Han Solo and Yoda.


Use the Force

When the group first encounters the Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor, the creatures worship C-3P0 while trying to cook everyone else (minus Leia). C-3P0 tries to convince the Ewoks not to cook his friends, but they ignore him. Then Luke uses the Force to levitate C-3P0, and the Ewoks stop. Only that show of power could grab the Ewok’s attention. Words alone weren’t enough to stop the furry creatures from frying the heroes, but the Force was.

Make sure the keywords you choose have the right force behind them by choosing ones that are relevant for your site. Google Analytics is a great tool that allows you to see what people are searching. You can also think about what people are most likely to type into search engines when looking for your site topic. Just pick keywords that have force behind them. By optimizing your site for those kinds of keywords, you will get the results you‘re looking for.


You don’t have to let SEO destroy your site like the Rebels destroyed the Death Star. By using these tips and studying SEO, you can become a master, getting the rankings you want for your site.

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7 thoughts on “What Star Wars Can Teach You About SEO

  1. That’s a great way to put it, Jake! I kind of thought of the same thing when I first learned about “black hat” tactics. Definitely an insightful correlation. (I also didn’t know that’s why the Sith Lord lightsabers were red.) Thanks for sharing!

    But anyway, yes. Natural and organic means to build your site will pay off with these new Google updates. Building your SEO organically will also be good for your reputation in the long run, too. No one likes being bombarded with unnatural links.

  2. Got to love the Star Wars analogies. How do you know about the light saber organic crystal material? I have never heard that before—–is that in the movies somewhere? Your “don’t go to the dark side” paragraph was great as well, honest, hard work is the only way to go.

  3. Love the analogy! ORM has certainly taken a turn towards the dark side with too many companies buying fake reviews for quick fixes but it is wonderful to see the NY State Attorney General cracking down on the whole charade. Hopefully the result will set a new precedent and switch the focus of SEO back towards the good side!

  4. Two of my favorite things: 1) Star Wars and 2) SEO.

    I’m sure you realized this already, but wanted to point out that:

    “Google Analytics is a great tool that allows you to see what people are searching.” no longer works since organic search queries have disappeared into the abyss we all know as “Not Provided”.

    Bravo! For a fun and entertaining post.

  5. So I’m a little confused by the mixed message, you lead with “Don’t go to the Darkside” but then end with “Don’t let the Rebels destroy your Death Star.” … Unless its a subliminal message saying ; Don’t build a Death Star because its going to fail.

  6. That why is not clear for me why Google don’t fix this problem, just change a bit the Google Algorithm Includes important updates in order to avoid this activity in the low results.