Speak Your Customers' Language Part 2: The Pitch

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Yesterday we discussed the importance of speaking your customer’s language. Let’s expound upon this concept with an example from a company that sells an instructional DVD on integrating Russian kettlebells into a baseball training program, since I recently bought the DVD myself, solely on the strength of their sales letter.
While it may not seem to be the case, the creator of this product has some significant barriers to overcome. In order to generate sales, he must:
1. Teach coaches, scouts, and/or baseball players what a kettlebell is. (Most do not know)
2. Convince them that a canonball-shaped hunk of steel with a handle is superior to the usual training methods. (The usual methods are heavily entrenched and introducing something new to the market is incredibly difficult)
3. Translate the benefits of kettlebell training into tangible gains on the playing field.
While 1 and 2 are critical to the success of the product itself, 3 unites them towards the goal of selling this DVD. Let’s look at how they market themselves: As soon as you visit the website, you are greeted with the following headline:
“Finally, a full body strength and conditioning program that you can take to the field with you!”
Already, the copywriter is speaking my language.
1. ‘Finally’ implies that the product is something that we have all been waiting for and it has at long last arrived.
2. ‘Full body’ tells the reader that the product allows you to have a complete work out.
3. And the last part of the statement tells you that unlike most most training equipment which is bulky and cannot be moved sans Herculean effort, this product is completely portable.
A combination of these three points gives us a statement that makes this new product an enticing proposition.
Next, the concept of kettlebell training is given high praise by baseball players and coaches. One former NCAA-level catcher says:
“From head to toe, this program focuses on the main muscle groups and movements of those groups that baseball players use the most. Whether you’re a pitcher, or a position player, you will definitely benefit from using these exercises. The core and shoulder stability work that this program offers is second to none.”
This addition to the pitch makes the reader think, “Hmm, actual ballplayers took the time to use this and seem to think it works. Maybe they’ve got something here after all.”
This part lends credibility to the product.
Finally, the site goes in for the kill. Each chapter is fleshed out in terms of what baseball-specific skill will be improved. As a result, we have a methodological and step-by-step sales pitch that really connects with its prospective audience.

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