Spamming Netscape for Votes

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Muhammad Saleem had an interesting [article]( on how Netscape is starting to become abused and spammed by users. A while back Netscape added a messaging feature that allowed users to send messages to each other, but now it is being used as a method for soliciting votes.

It seems Netscape is going to have to do something soon or else it is going to start getting out of hand. I myself rarely check my messages on Netscape, but every week I get tons of them and as Muhammad pointed out it is starting to get irritating. The main reason I think this is happening is because Netscape is a very friendly community and users feel they can send spam messages without making others angry.

Just like Digg, features are going to be used to spam and potentially benefit submitters. This is natural because of all the potential benefits of being on the homepage of Netscape. At the moment the community is pretty lenient based on my observations from a friendly message that I sent out promoting a link; other members accepted it with open arms. Although this is great, hopefully things will change in the near future or else Netscape will quickly get cluttered with junk stories.

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