Software Makes Social Media Success Easier

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While in theory socially driven news sites and social media communities are supposed to be a one person one vote democratic platforms this isn’t always the case in practice. In reality, and as pointed out earlier, every socially driven community has community leaders who can make or break your chances of success. Luckily for you these leaders are now easy to identify.
Cornell University has created a piece of software in conjunction with Microsoft Research that identifies key players in online communities by analyzing their posting patterns and the connections between their habits within the community. While the aim of the study was to help in the development of systems that would help you find the most informed resource on a topic within the community, the same can be used to find the otherwise most prolific members.
Taking the example of Digg, regardless of the quality of the content, the chances of reaching the site’s front page are monumentally increased if a person with high rank, visibility and promotion ratio submits it for you as opposed to a new user with no following. And with the removal of the Top Diggers from Digg itself (especially for people unfamiliar with Chris Finke’s list) it has become harder to find these ‘key players’. Hopefully this software will help identify key players better than a list of absolute comparison.

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