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In last week’s Socially Conscious Social Networking column we looked at Facebook Causes. This week we look at LinkedIn For Good.
Just like with Facebook and its army of over 25 million users, LinkedIn is facilitating its 11 million and growing user base to network for good. In terms of potential to affect change, LinkedIn is probably a more viable and a stronger tool for philanthropy than other social networking site because of the demographic the site attracts – the average LinkedIn user is 39 years old and makes $139,000 a year.
Unlike Facebook Causes, though, there is no streamlined process for creating a new cause on LinkedIn, and if you want an organization to be added you have to email them to do so. As of right now there are only 5 nonprofit organizations that are participating on the site:
Clicking on an organization’s name takes you to their page on LinkedIn from where you can learn more about the organization, go to their official website, make a donation, and see how much the LinkedIn community has cumulatively donated to the cause.
You can also use the organization badges on your LinkedIn profile to let other users see which organizations you support and to help promote a particular cause. When someone else clicks on the badge from your profile, they are taken to that organization’s LinkedIn profile page, from where they can donate to the cause or promote them by also adding the badge to their own profile. However, before you can get the organization badge code, you have to apply to be admitted into the organization and are shown the following:

If you received an invitation, your membership will be granted immediately. Otherwise, it will be subject to the approval of the group administrator.

This feature though nice is restrictive, and limited in that you can’t display the badge on your own site, etc. Lastly, LinkedIn For Good is also giving away free job postings to registered nonprofit organizations to support their hiring needs.

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