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While the idea behind Social Poster is not new, this is the first time I’ve seen it implemented in a way that is truly useful. The service can be used both by content submitters as well as content producers and works great.
Social Poster is a service that helps you quickly and easily submit content from a particular site to multiple socially driven sites without having to enter the title, body, and other information over and over again. You simply type in all the information once, choose all the sites that you want your content submitted to, and click the ‘generate links for submit’ button.
Based on the sites you select to generate links for, you will be presented with the following menu.
‘R’ stands for register, ‘L’ stands of login, and pressing ‘post’ will take you to that specific sites story submission page with most (if not all) of the relevant information pre-populated. In addition, the site also has buttons for webmasters and a WordPress plugin, so that you can make it easier for web surfers from different communities to submit your content to their respective sites.
This is a great service regardless of whether you want to use the sites to get your content some attention or simply participate on the sites. By participating on multiple sites simultaneously, you can see which site suits your interests or your content best and can stick to that one for the long run.
Thanks to Stan for finding this one.

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