How I Drove Over 36 Million Pageviews Following This Social Media Policy

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The social media policy I followed to drive over 36 million pageviews to web properties worldwide, is based on a social media analysis model I call The Social Trinity. The 3-part methodology instructs one to first identify all points of exposure on a social platform for your digital assets, such as profiles, pages, blogs, discussion areas; secondly, identify all points of private contact and private messaging; thirdly, study popular sections and successful campaigns on the digital network. I have developed it modeling what has helped me use social media tools to me and my clients’ benefit.

It has launched the People Media Movement, which aims to eradicate technological barriers that stop brands from clearly communicating with their target communities. I will be featuring all publishers who blog on this video on my section of the Huffington Post as supporters of the People Media Movement if they embed the video before the end of June 23, 2010, linking out to the original link on which the video is posted – The Social Media Policy I Followed to Drive Over 36 Million Pageviews

Neal Rodriguez

Neal Rodriguez

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