Social Media Marketing – Weekly Wrap Up – 01.31.2008

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Every Wednesday (sorry for the delay) Pronet Advertising will be highlighting some of the best posts related to social media news and marketing. As always, please feel free to comment and if you have any recommendations, let us know so we can include them in the next week’s wrap up.
Microblogging – The Rise of Twitter as a Platform for Serious Discourse
As time passes by and more people embrace Twitter (or at least accept that the service is hear to stay), the way the service is used is evolving, for the better. The community is slowly moving away from posting random thoughts and stream of consciousness notes to posting important news stories, sharing links of interest and continuing conversations started elsewhere.
Community – From 0 to 2000+ Subscribers in 90 Days
In this guest post for ProBlogger, Tina Su has written a phenomenal manual for anyone wanting to launch a site and create a community around it. Read this once, read it again, and read it once more for good measure.
Design – The Ultimate Resource For Free WordPress Themes
Dawud is a WordPress evangelist and I have to admit, so am I. A great platform is only made better by a community that is continuously pumping out great new themes to embellish it.
Social Media – How To Create Compelling Social Media Profiles
In short, be natural. In this great post Brent details how to create the perfect social media profile. Don’t try too hard but don’t be too lax. Read these 8 points and paint your canvas accordingly.
Digg – 12 Tips To Make The Front Page of the “NEW” Digg (Humor…..Kind Of)
Digg has a lot of people down lately (since the algorithm change). But then again, with Digg it’s always been a picky relationship. Here’s some humor (…kind of) to lighten up your day.
StumbleUpon – The Most Popular Social Bookmarking Site for (Pro)Bloggers
There was a time when this used to amaze me, but not any more. StumbleUpon gets almost 40% of the vote, with and Digg coming in second and third with 21% and 19% of the total vote.
Sphinn – Is Sphinn Bad For The Industry?
Could it be that the site that was supposed to be a safe haven for the industry is actually ruining it?

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