SMX 2012 London: How to Make the Most of It!

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Search marketing experts and novices alike are invited to attend Search Marketing Expo 2012, in London, United Kingdom, to be held May 15 and 16 of this year. This two day conference will feature something for every professional involved in search marketing with a focus on adding to your toolkit and renewing your passion for your work. Whether you’re a freelance content writer or web designer, an SEO specialist or the marketing guru for a large firm, SMX 2012 has something special in store for you!

Walking away from SMX 2012 with new skills, ideas and plans is a must; continue reading to learn what you can expect to see and hear and how you can make the most of your time in the midst of some of the most successful of professionals in your field from around the world.

SMX 2012: Intentionally Intimate

SMX 2012 London

Being the one and only major event aimed solely at experienced internet search marketers, SMX 2012 offers you the opportunity to rub shoulders with the very best of your colleagues, with all of our events crafted specifically to bring you and your fellow professionals closer together than ever before. From the setting itself, designed to help everyone feel fresh and relaxed, to the unique workshops and lectures, you’re guaranteed to gain a little something from everyone, all the while sharing your own knowledge and expertise.

SMX 2012 Bootcamps

SMX 2012 London

SMX 2012 will feature several learning sessions called bootcamps, all aimed at improving your working knowledge of search marketing. We’ve brought together the best and brightest minds in the industry to divulge their knowledge to you on topics including:

  • Keyword Research Tools & Techniques
  • Link Building Fundamentals
  • Paid Search Fundamentals
  • Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Each bootcamp session features a speaker and moderator to kick things off, drawing everyone involved into intimate, useful discussions on the latest techniques, the most common mistakes and the best planning methods for each facet of search marketing.

SMX 2012 Tracks

SMX 2012 London

The search marketing industry is an every-changing entity and our extended sessions focus on the many in’s and out’s of what it is to be a professional search marketer. With an eye towards the future of your profession, our tracks are workshops designed for entrenched professionals looking to add to their skillset in areas such as:

  • SEO: Link Building, Q&A and Legal Implications
  • Paid Search: Retargeting/Remarketing, Ad Creation, Tools and Best Practices
  • Social Media: Conquering Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Video Marketing
  • Advanced: Look at Deep Ideas in Professional Search Marketing

Focus on Social Media

SMX 2012 London

It’s no secret: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and social media in general represent a big part of the future of our industry and SMX 2012 offers just the focus that you need to take your social marketing skills to the next level. From workshops aimed specifically at these platforms in particular to the general forward-looking air of the event, marketing professionals are guaranteed to walk away from the event with a better understanding of not only how social media works, but how to make it work for your goals specifically.

SMX 2012: All For You

SMX 2012 London

The real key to making the most of your SMX 2012 experience is being open to new ideas and updated techniques. With the best minds in search marketing present and ready to offer insight on any number of topics, all visitors are encouraged to take part in the workshops and conversations that serve them best. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, utilize free WiFi service to check email and stay in touch, stay nourished with the free food and drink offerings and give yourself over to the largest collection of search marketing expertise in the world!

Traveling and Accommodation Tips:

  • Getting there: Here’s the official site of Heathrow Airport for planning and booking your trip;
  • Living there: Check out for affordable hotels in London

The true focus of SMX 2012 is to ignite conversations, debates and impromptu learning sessions among the best in the search marketing field, helping everyone in attendance to learn and grow as a professional. Allow the events at SMX 2012 to help you to increase your value as an businessperson, helping you to bring profitability with you everywhere you go.

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