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To some, traffic from reaching the front page of Digg, Netscape, Reddit or is the proverbial Holy Grail. But getting the traffic to your site is just the first step in a good Social Media Marketing campaign.
Recently, there has been a serious debate over value of traffic from some of the bigger social media sites; and the verdicts not in. Some feel that there is very [little to gain](, while others are producing [Made For Digg]( websites.
Neil Patel points out that one way to [capitalize]( on Digg traffic is by using the traffic to help increase RSS Subscriptions. He says “you can improve your odds by placing a prominent RSS subscription somewhere on your web pages.” SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin also feels that [Social Media Traffic isn’t Useless]( According to Rand, it can be used for “Publicity…Branding…[and] Getting the Attention of Influencers.”
Since most of the visitors from Social Media sites avoid ads like the plague, it is important to explore other options to make the most of this already engaged audience. In addition to the benefits explained by Neil and Rand, you can also capitalize on Social Media traffic by showcasing the best part of your site.
Example: Calwineries’ [MacGyver]( post that made the front page of Digg and Netscape.
While people on Digg could care less about wine, we were able to get 768 out of 12,208 people to the [Napa Valley]( page by putting an eye catching map near the bottom of the article.

The Napa Valley page is one of the best on Calwineries, and it was our goal to get as many people as possible to see it.
While this may not have translated directly into user sign-ups or advertising revenue, it helped with “Publicity and Branding”. With eye-catching graphics and clever placement, you can get social media traffic to specific places on your site that will showcase the best of what you offer.
**Disclaimer: I am the founder of Calwineries.

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