SEO Tips You Can Borrow from SEO

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There are times that effective pay-per-click strategies can work for search engine optimization and vice versa. In addition, whatever you gain or loss with one can affect your decision for the other. Because a tiny tweak on your PPC campaign can affect your click-through rate, you can borrow its techniques and use it for SEO.

Using Exclamation Points

It is popular to PPC copywriters that using an exclamation point can increase an ad’s CTR. That’s because it is equivalent to someone raising a voice. Although it is less likely to boost your website’s page rank, a title with an exclamation point can get more attention and gain more clicks from search engine result page and social media. Just be cautious of using exclamation points. It can make your content awful-looking and sound angry.

Cite Evidences when Stating a Statistic

Presenting can also improve a PPC ads’ CTR. When it comes to SEO, it is important that you cite statistics and present factual data instead of making vague claims. It will also be better if you link your source, as this will give your data additional credibility.

Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion is the effective integration of exact search query wording in an ad. For example, when a user types in “coins of gold” in a search bar, he or she will most probably click the search result which carries the exact keywords he or she used. That’s why you should anticipate keyword variations and create a content that incorporates all possible queries. You can follow the same technique for SEO, and support it with keyword research. As a result, your content can rank for all the keyword variations.

Do a PPC Copywriter Test

Although it can be tedious, split testing a PPC ad can be handy. Use the Google Website Optimizer and test two versions of your content for SEO. Analyze your web content’s title, word counts, images and its layout, sidebar links, and many more. That way you can improve your page’s SEO without the need to run individual test.

Apply Brevity

Making your message short and straight to the point, and avoiding redundancy is important in PPC. It’s the same when it comes to online content writing. Avoid beating around the bush because it doesn’t really make you sound smarter. It actually wastes your readers’ time.

Shifting from organic to paid search may mean that you have to adjust your online marketing strategies. But anything that can improve CTR in paid search ad could work if applied to SEO. All that you have to do is check out what’s applicable and experiment on it.

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