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SEO is far from dead; in fact it is still one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to a website. Normal people don’t read technology blogs so they aren’t going to hear about your company that way. You need to find a way to get in front of them in their own territory, which is through Google. Unfortunately most startups don’t realize this; instead they would rather focus all of their attention on getting bloggers to write about them. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to create buzz through the blogoshere but the majority of people won’t find you that way. The echo chamber does not equal revenues but search terms do.
Robert Scoble had a great post the other day where he said…

Because most people outside the little tech bubble we live in every day don’t know how to use Web browsers. They have been trained to use the search box.

It is true, most people outside of our tech bubble don’t know what RSS is and they don’t really care. Most people would rather do other things with their time besides follow the latest web trends in hopes of finding what they are looking for. The people who do follow it generally make up an audience of people who make their living in one way or another from the web, and this happens to be the hardest demographic to monetize. A large group of people in the world still use the web though, and when they want to find information or buy a product online they only way they know how to find it is through Google or some other search engine. That is why search engine visibility is still just as important as it has ever been.
Search engine traffic is tried and true. The reason it converts so well is because people are actually seeking out your products, they are looking for something specific that they typed into the magical search box. It is also one of the only ways that you will reach the mainstream audience. Both organic and non-organic search terms still work so if you’re having trouble getting adoption it is worth giving them both a try.

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