SEO Catchup

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There has been a lot of new stuff been going around the SEO industry lately, so I thought I would do a quick blog post talking about the two things that were interesting for me:
1. The first is that [Best of the Web]( just brought on a team of editors, which will help take their directory to the next level. [DMOZ]( is a popular directory that was filled with talented editors, but through bad management over the past few years it has been dying down, which leaves a lot of talented editors without a home. BOTW has now swooped up [6 of the most active metas in DMOZ]( to become part of their team.
2. At [Elite Retreat](, [Aaron Wall]( showed me his [rank checker]( tool. If you want a free automated way to check your rankings for US search engines as well as international Google search engines, I highly recommend you checking it out. Aaron also is well known for his [SEO Firefox extension]( which is a must have for any SEO.

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