SEO 101 for politics

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As the presidential race begins to heats up, search engine marketing is going to play a big role in the elections. It will be critical for candidates to have good visibility in the search engines for issues related to the election. It is also critical that candidates effectively manage their reputations as they don’t want the dirt to be visible to those people using the search engines to help with their voting decisions.
I recently did a short interview with Fred Stutzman about SEO for presidential campaigns where he asked me a few questions about SEO best practices for political campaigns.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at... Read Full Bio
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  • Security

    LOL: Candidates appear to be opting for the easiest way out – instead of bothering with the uncertainty and high maintenance of SEO for their brief candidacies – they are simply buying the top spots for all the PPC sponsor links.

  • Asia

    Last year, I utilized search to read about candidates in Las Vegas. Unfortunately it was the first year where I voted against rather than for candidates.
    I would prefer that candidates worked on greater visibility, through honest campaign PR, utilizing search optimization and skipping paid online advertising. I just can’t see myself clicking a Hillary Does Dallas ad on Google Adwords.

  • David Dalka

    You’d be amazed how most of those sites aren’t optimized for the term President!

  • Drew Stauffer

    Good interview Neil. When the possible next president is thinking about SEO, that’s a good step for all of us.