SEJ Wrap-Up: Are Meta Tags & AMP Important for SEO and Google Ranking?

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Meg Cabrera
Meg Cabrera SEJ STAFF
SEJ Wrap-Up: Are Meta Tags & AMP Important for SEO and Google Ranking?

This is the wrap-up of the most popular posts and announcements on SEJ over the previous week. Newsletter subscribers are the first to receive this and other updates.

How Important Are Tags in 2016 for SEO?

How Important are Tags in 2016 for SEO? | SEJ

Arguably, one of the most crucial aspects of on-page SEO is tags. Whether it’s title tags, header tags, meta tags or blog post tags, they have been demonstrated to increase traffic and boost engagement.

However, are they still as important and effective in 2016 as they have been in the past? In this week’s top article, SEJ contributor Aleh Barysevich takes a look at the role of tags of every type, and explores their impact on SEO in 2016.

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Don’t Be Sucked in By SEO Lies

Don't be Sucked in by SEO Lies | Search Engine Journal

Part of what makes the SEO business so risky is the fact that we only have a partial idea of what goes into the ranking factors. While research, trial and error, and some clues from Google have guided us along the way, there are plenty of less than reputable SEO companies out there lying to business owners who are none the wiser.

Want to make sure you’re not getting swindled? SEJ contributor Lucinda Watrous lets you know what red flags to watch out for when dealing with a company that offers SEO services. Read the full post here.

Popular Search Marketing Posts

Here is a rundown of the most popular posts on SEJ from last week:

  1. How Important Are Tags in 2016 for SEO?, by Aleh Barysevich
  2. Don’t be Sucked in By SEO Lies, by Lucinda Watrous
  3. 5 Examples of Social Media Celebrity Endorsements That Paid Off Big Time, by  Mindy Weinstein
  4. Google Says AMP Not a Ranking Factor (But Does it Matter At This Point?), by  Matt Southern
  5. 5 Reasons Why Audiences Only Accept Remarkable Content, by Razvan Gavrilas
  6. How to Create a Promoted Pin That Will See Results, by Anna Crowe
  7. Head of Wikimedia Resigns After Search Engine Plans Leak, by Matt Southern
  8. Introducing SEJ’s New Column: Ask an SEO, by Kelsey Jones
  9. What it Takes to Become a LinkedIn Influencer, by Jessica Davis
  10. #MarketingNerds: Eric Siegel Goes In-Depth on Predictive Analysis, by Brent  Csutoras

The Top 10 AdWords Hacks of all time

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In this week’s episode of the Marketing Nerds podcast, Anne Ahola Ward of CircleClick joins SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones, to talk about the best practices in mobile SEO and how to get ahead with App Store Optimization (ASO). They also talked about Anne’s new book on SEO for developers.
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