San Diego Search and Social Events not to Miss This Year

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Boasting sand, sun and an unbeatable professional community, the beautiful city of San Diego plays host each year to many events and gatherings suitable for online professionals, offering the potential for personal and professional growth alongside well-deserved relaxation.

Whether you’re a web professional living in the city or simply plan to visit Southern California in 2012, making a point to visit one or more of these San Diego search and social events is a guaranteed way to further your business endeavors!

1. SDSU Interactive Marketing Strategies

SDSU Interactive Marketing Strategies

On April 18, the San Diego State University Extended Studies branch will host a seminar intended to help you increase your marketing success via the utilization of both social networks and search engines. Building an efficient distribution and pricing model, taking advantage of the mobile revolution and learning how viral advertising can work for you are just a few of the individual topics to be covered; if you’re interested in extending your knowledge about online business, this session serves as an excellent gateway to many worthwhile subjects, helping you to determine the focus most potentially profitable to you and your business endeavors.

2. Developing a Powerful Personal Brand

Developing a Powerful Personal Brand

Set for April 8 and to be held in the San Diego Convention Center, this seminar will work to demonstrate to upcoming developers and marketers the extreme importance of a strong, compelling presence in popular search engines such as Google. The seminar will focus on teaching attendees how to develop a powerful personal brand in order to earn a reputation that will speak to your potential customers, generating both confident search engine traffic and offline referrals via an increased web presence and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

3. Interactive Day San Diego

Interactive Day San Diego

The leading digital conference that San Diego has to offer, Interactive Day is a one-day event to be held in the San Diego Hilton on June 15, 2012. This event brings together everyone from small business owners and freelancers to industry leaders representing Google, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more! 16 individual seminars will allow attendees to explore topics like social media marketing, search engine optimization and mobile application development, all the while offering unbeatable networking opportunities with colleagues and potential new clients.

4. The Art of Marketing 2012

The Art of Marketing 2012

Presented by the San Diego chapter of the American Marketing Association, The Art of Marketing is an event aimed at professionals, both offline and online, in an effort to encourage discussion about marketing methods and the future of the industry at large. More than 200 expected attendees can take part in intensive but fun sessions, rubbing shoulders with colleagues and hearing from established marketing leaders, all the while building new marketing savvy.

5. Multi Channel for Multi Success

Multi Channel for Multi Success

While sessions and seminars introducing business professionals to search and social marketing are an excellent option for beginners, eventually a more pointed focus is necessary to continue your growth. Focusing on the use of email and direct mail marketing, QR codes and other advanced advertising methods, this marketing seminar will help attendees to broaden their efforts at brand building and reaching audiences on every platform, leading to an increased presence among potential customers in every possible area!

Travel and Accommodation Directions

If you decide to visit any of the above events, here are a few tips for you:


With its year-round draw of a smart, technologically savvy business community alongside always enviable sun and surf, San Diego is a mecca for fantastic search and social marketing events, presenting the opportunity for near endless continued education and growth as a business person, all year long.

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