Rush Hour Episode 12

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This week [Cameron](, [Carolyn](, and I discuss Neil’s new blog, [QuickSprout](, as well [MySpaces acquisition of PhotoBucket](, [Ebays impending acquisition of StumbleUpon](, the differences in user behaviors between various social media sites and the subsequent impact on strategies for leveraging those sites. We also discuss online reputation management and answer a chatroom question about how one would go about starting up a new social media site.

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Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at Quick Sprout.
  • Carolyn Shelby

    Way to plagiarize my post there, Princess. 😛
    And not even any linklove to atone. Tsk Tsk.