RSS-Based Social Media Engagement

SMS Text

Now that we’ve established that you should all be using delivering the entirety of your content in your RSS feed, here’s the next step: social media engagement through your RSS feed.
Assuming – and I know this is especially true in Pronet’s case – that a large number of your readers simply consume your content from their RSS readers, you need a way to reach out to them to submit, and if already submitted, vote for your content on socially driven news sites. There are two different ways to do this:
1. FeedBurner DiggThis! FeedFlare – The first way is to sign up for FeedBurner and use the FeedFlare that they have developed in collaboration with Digg. This FeedFlare lets your readers submit your content if it hasn’t already been submitted, and if it has, then it displays the number of Diggs and comments on the submission.
2. Digg Button in RSS – The second method is to use the actual Digg button within your RSS feed.
In my experience, the FeedFlare tends to blend with the rest of the content and since it is text-based it is largely ignored. The Digg button, however, is recognizable and visible and should consequently be more successful.

Download: Social Media Strategy
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