Ron Paul Supporters Need A Lesson In Social Media Marketing

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I have to admit that I know a little (though not much) about Ron Paul’s politics and I have nothing against him as a person or his political platform. When it comes to social media, on the other hand, he has fast become public enemy number one. Here’s what you can learn from Mr. Paul’s mistakes.
A few months ago, I was surprised by the candidate’s popularity on the various socially driven sites and thought to myself that was simply the result of an online democracy in action. A couple of days ago, however, this image was shattered due to an expose by Ron Sansone proving that this was no act of Democracy – this apparent popularity was simply a result of mass manipulation by Camp Paul.

Masquerading as genuine Digg Users (as well as MySpace. Facebook, YouTube, and Friendster users) in order to influence others is not ethical. It is schilling. If mass manipulation is the weapon of choice for the Paul camp, then I hope it does not translate to the methods of the man himself.

But it wasn’t the expose that brought Paul down. In fact for the most part, there was no expose necessary. Algorithmic moderation coupled with human moderation has been working well enough to recognize when stories are being submitted and gamed, and as a result, though these stories get in excess of a thousand votes, they are no longer promoted to the site’s front page:
From what I have read about Ron Paul, it seems that his beliefs are very much social media marketable. People that think they are helping him by submitting anything and everything about him and then gaming the submissions in an attempt to promote them are in fact doing more harm than good.
Socially driven sites reward natural behavior and severely punish manipulation. I hope that everyone learns from the mistakes made by Ron Paul’s supporters and rather than abusing socially driven sites, let the sites self-regulate.

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  • Buckwheat

    I really don’t think a handful of Ron Paul supporters have been spamming YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, etc. Look at his numbers, which you can’t fake: he has 18,000 members, more than all the other Republicans combined!
    And today it was announced that he’s third in fundraising among declared Republicans behind Giuliani and Romney.
    The buzz is real, and the campaign is very different from any we’ve ever seen. It’s based on principle, integrity, and our constitution. That’s why he’s going to win.

  • brody

    “Socially driven sites reward natural behavior and severely punish manipulation.”
    You sum it up nicely here. Ron Paul’s support is natural, otherwise he wouldn’t be this popular.

  • Buckwheat

    What article are you pointing at, Muhammad? That links to an entire digg page of pieces.
    I’m not saying Paul supporters haven’t gotten overly enthusiastic on some sites, or that they aren’t semi-organized to bury unfavorable stories on digg.
    But writing the whole thing off as a handful of people, or even a couple thousand people, is just not a viable argument at this point, especially after he announced raising $2.4 million in Q2 today.

  • Free2Smooze

    Yep, Dr. Paul is really popular (150,000 YouTube channel views a day now). That is all you have “proven”. I suggest you read the responses from the opinion blog that you get your “study”. 17 diggs isn’t even statistcally significant.
    Before this “study” from, I kid you not..Jammie Wearing Fool, the blogger who conducted this “research”, his blog was unheard of and read by about a dozen people.
    Manipulating pictures with Photoshop doesn’t make this silly article credible either.

  • Brad Paulsen

    It’s very interesting when you look a little closer link above. It is sorted by Diggs. And yes there is 1 clear person that submitted alot of articles. And they are all a month old or older. Plenty of time to be viewed.
    If you stay on the same page and search by date added. You literally have hundreds of different people blogging in support of Dr. Paul. I am sure many of these belong to the massive group of Ron Paul Meetup Groups, or his friends on myspace, or many of the voters that after every debate propelled Ron Paul to the top in the polling for that debate.
    By the way, the on line polling by MSNBCX, FOX, and CNN all had systems that identified internet address’s and limited each to 1 vote.
    The support is real, just look at the video from the Iowa debate where 7 candidates officially sanctioned, pulled in roughly 600 people and Ron Paul next door pulled in over 1000 people, it was standing room only. See for yourself.
    And you might want to listen to his message of freedom and fairness while your at youtube.

  • Alex Rudloff

    I’ve brought up the stuff to some republican campaigners I know and have been told that they pretty much avoid the site purposely. It’s sad, but there have been too many events crashed by not-so-behaved protesters to make it a worthwhile tool (agree or disagree with whatever politics you’d like, but let people assemble peacefully). Anyway, using meetup’s numbers to bolster support for Ron Paul is a bit silly.
    I’d imagine Ron Paul’s support is fairly genuine though, if only because of his recent financial reporting. On the other hand, I think it’s reasonable to suggest that similar manipulation probably took place with the SMS voting polls during the last round of debates though.
    Internet + Politics = Interesting potential. If nothing else, Congressman Paul is creating a really neat case study for future campaigns.

  • Muhammad Saleem

    That is a list of articles, over 400 pages of articles that got hundreds of ‘fake-votes’ and were never promoted because the votes weren’t naturally acquired and because a large audience on Digg marked the articles as lame or as spam.

  • Fluffy

    I’ve been seeing discussion of this issue everywhere, and it seems moronic to me.
    I’d like someone to explain to me the difference between “manipulating” a story into popularity and the story “authentically” gaining popularity.
    Unless dualies are in use, a “manipulated” story and an “authentic” story get their Diggs in exactly the same way – multiple Digg users Digg the story.
    The entire argument that the system is being “gamed” relies on an absolutely untenable theory that there’s somehow such a thing as disinterested interest – e.g. there’s a group of users who are “authentic” Digg users who quite disinterestedly recommend stories to other “authentic” Digg users, and that it’s somehow possible for other users to express their preferences in a manner which violates this holy “gentlemanly amateurness”. It’s idiotic and a fantasy, and relies on specious, subjective, and unprovable distinctions.
    I realize people point to Digg’s terms of service, which mention “collusion”, but that’s idiotic as well. By definition if more than one person Diggs an article, they have colluded. Apparently some collusion is more equal than others, apparently – if you first hear about an article at freerepublic and come to Digg and Digg it, you’re colluding, but if you see an article in Upcoming Stories and Digg it, you aren’t. It’s nonsense.

  • Thomas

    I am a Ron Paul supporter. I don’t get what I’m supposed to learn.
    I’m eager to see what is happening in the Ron Paul campaign. When I search on google, I get about 2 million pages. When I search for google news I get 1,000 to 2,000 pages. When I search for google blogs I get almost 100,000 pages. I read some of the news and blogs. Lately, I have even commented on some blogs.
    How are these numbers not real? What should I be learning?

  • Brendan

    I think his support is just surprising so people jump to the conclusion that it must all be due to manipulation. I’m a dig user. I’ve dug stories about Ron Paul that I liked. I’m not trying to game the system. I think his message is important to hear, regardless of a persons’ political leaning because they promote discussion, which I think is always positive. I only click once just like everyone else. When I see a poll about who I support, I vote it in. I don’t trick any systems. I just add my thumbprint just like everyone else. I just think there are lots of us… a lot more than people suspect, so they Ockham’s Razor that the system has been jacked. Nice job!

  • zenpiper

    There will always be those who yell, “This can’t be happening! There must be manipulative forces at work to skew the numbers!”
    Fine. Believe that if it pleases you. Then consider what Dr. Paul stands for: to end the war in the Middle East ASAP, to abolish the IRS, the FED; to withdraw from the UN, to recall our troops from around the world and place them on the Mexican border; to not interfere with people’s personal lives; to reduce the size of the federal government and let the states and local municipalities decide things relative to education, health care and so forth.
    It is these ideas that generate hope, respect and a giant following. It’s way cool.

  • Buckwheat

    “I’ve brought up the stuff to some republican campaigners I know and have been told that they pretty much avoid the site purposely.”
    Meetup isn’t really a site that campaigns use, but supporters of campaigns, usually independently of the campaigns themselves.
    So maybe their candidates are just not exciting enough to have people form meetup groups around them! I really find it hard to believe candidates wouldn’t want meetup groups for fear of protestors crashing private meetings.

  • jwerner

    So are you saying that to use Web 2.0 to spread the idea of freedom is a bad thing for people to do? What are you trying to say here? Ron Paul’s people decided that the conversation about Ron Paul would do no good if it were only on his web site. So…. it is perfect the way his site is set up. It bounces people out in to the public arena. That is what politics is. He is not selling soda pop here. He is talking about how to save this country from curruption an becoming a police state. I was a youtube user already and had known about myspace prior to the Ron Paul run, but I have never heard of flicker, facebook, Digg or meetup, so these things are getting trafic from Ron Paul too. I went to Ron Paul Meetup last night and we had about 12 people there now we have signs all over town for Ron Paul. This is the dream of the internet… finaly it is a political equalizer against millions of $ in dirty money. Vote for Truth Vote for Freedom Vote Ron Paul 2008!!! then Digg it, make a youtube video and have a party with your meetup group!

  • jwerner

    I checked out your Digg link. Those are all true stories some were not in the lamestream media. Some were or were distorded by them. If Ron Paul gets electedd it will serve to validate Digg and these other Web 2.0 social networking conduit as a powerful force in the world. Information will set us free!

  • Greg

    I am also a Ron Paul supporter. Here is my theory on what is happening.
    Ron Paul has a better network of enthused supporters that watch what he does and what people say about him a great deal more than the established candidates that ignore what a few bloggers think. I myself check Google News every day to get the latest Paul update and constantly discuss online Paul’s views to help win more supporters. I do not game the system, but I do vote in every online poll because I want to voice my opinion. I do not think Paul supporters do anything different than what I do, but I can’t speak for everybody and I’m sure every campaign suffers a few morons. The key is Paul’s message of liberty and small government and I will not be swayed by the lesser of two evils jargon that the majors put out when talking about themselves vs. the democratic candidates. I will voice my opinion that Paul should be president even after he fails to be nominated because I am not about to submit to tyranny and neither should any other voter. Vote what you believe in or don’t vote at all.

  • Rachel

    This whole claim of manipulation is somewhat ridiculous. In setting up many of these internet polls programmers specifically block this kind of manipulation. MSNBC’s poll did not allow you to vote more than once, and their programmers would be able to see such manipulation. I am a Ron Paul supporter. I search the web several days a week for news articles and interesting tidbits regarding Ron Paul. Yeah, there is some quasi-organization that builds, if I regularly read a site and they link to a poll, I follow the link and I vote for him. Its that simple. This is no more than what other candidates are able to do, and less since he doesn’t have access to “mainstream” news sources to help drive traffic, so I fail to see why this is deemed “manipulation” rather than true support. I found this site through Google though, not through some imaginary underground Ron Paul network. I’m an interested individual, not some bot program running in the background.
    As for the meet-ups, that shows true support. I was able to find other interested people through that site. Most of the people in my group, like myself, have never been politically active in a campaign before. We’ve just been inspired by this one candidate.

  • David Chen

    To all the Ron Paul supporters who have commented on this post: I think your enthusiasm is admirable but misguided.
    Before I begin, let me just say that I’m a big Ron Paul supporter and while I don’t think he has much of a chance at winning the election, a large part of me would like to see what a true Libertarian would do in office. President/Congress’ rock bottom approval ratings clearly show that Washington is in need of a shake-up.
    That being said, I agree wholeheartedly with Muhammad and think that this manipulation of social networking sites should stop. Muhammad isn’t against your cause; he’s trying to help you by telling you to stop hurting yourselves. Let me try and clarify on what exactly it is I think Muhammad is trying to say in this post.
    Digg and Reddit are online communities. Every Digg user and Reddit user’s account is given a certain weight based on that person’s actions. So for example, if a Digg user consistently submits or Diggs stories that make it to the front page of Digg, the Digg algorithm recognizes this fact and gives that account more weight. The more weight an account has, the more helpeful a Digg from that account will be in promoting stories to the front page. So for example, if Digg user JoeSchmoe consistently Diggs popular stories, or popular Upcoming stories, then a Digg from JoeSchmoe might help your story out more than a Digg from some other random person. Conversely, if you have a new account, your account has almost no weight, so a Digg from you might not help. I have described only one factor in Digg’s complex algorithm that factors into story promotion.
    Typically, a story requires anywhere between 20-150 Diggs to reach the front page. If a story reaches 450 Diggs and still doesn’t get promoted (Muhammad link shows MANY stories like this), it indicates that people are joining Digg en masse for the SOLE PURPOSE of Digging Ron Paul stories. If normal Digg members were digging these stories, they would have been promoted to the front page normally.
    This means that Digg users that support Ron Paul aren’t just normal Digg users; they are Ron Paul supporters that try to “game” these sites by getting people to sign up for accounts, not to use Digg normally, but exclusively to promote Ron Paul stories. 99% of these stories do not reach the front page. But every now and then, other Diggers see these stories, join in the Digging, and help a Ron Paul story get promoted.
    In any case, even this 1% of stories appears to be too much for Digg users to stomach and the backlash has already begun. If you want to help Ron Paul, don’t oversell it by flooding Digg and Reddit with stories and then getting people to sign up in order to promote the stories. It usually wont’ work, and when it does work, it won’t help. In fact, it might hurt.

  • jwerner

    Checked some more of the Digg links. One thing is that “prison planet” and some of the other pro Ron Paul sites are his more radical suport groups. I do not think that they are the best representivies of Ron Paul’s message (of course that would be Ron Paul himself)They do make good points but, I can see where someone might be freaked out if they looked in to Ron Paul’s ideas and all they saw was the “prison planet” and “911 truth” guys. But that is the chance you take for freedom. If digg wants to discriminate and decide who is a “genuine user” or what is a “credible news” source then they should do it but otherwise you take your chances and get what you get. That is what this country is all about. Ron Paul reaches a wide and deep base ranging from the ultra-conservitive and family folk to hippies and right wing nut jobs, the radical are always more vocal and involved. I am not a Digg member and never heard of untill I saw Ron Paul’s site.

  • Fluffy

    “This means that Digg users that support Ron Paul aren’t just normal Digg users; they are Ron Paul supporters that try to “game” these sites by getting people to sign up for accounts, not to use Digg normally, but exclusively to promote Ron Paul stories.”
    This is exactly what I was talking about – the myth of the “normal” Digg user.
    There is no difference between someone who diggs a story about Ron Paul because they like Ron Paul and a person who diggs yet another story about the IPhone because they like Apple. The claim that some preferences are genuine and some are not just doesn’t hold any water with me. If Digg has an algorithm that weights the votes of its members, that should provide more than enough balance to the social media system.
    I will say that I think as more people get involved in social media and it stops being an extreme niche market, the algorithmic system will break down as it gets swamped by sheer quantity. If that happens with a site like Digg, we’ll then see if they’re really “social” media at all. I tend to think not, since the entire Ron Paul incident has shown how readily the early adopters of Digg will turn on newcomers who aren’t “real” members, if their interests happen to not correspond to those of the early adopters.

  • Justicar333

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Digg and many other social sites are desighned to measure the popularity of web content. Saying that people shouldn’t join to support something they consider important is much like saying people should not vote in elections for non party canidates. Are we supposed to not use Digg because older users don’t like the Paul articles? If social sites only select content based on ‘approval’ by a select few, they do not truly serve as an accurate guage of popularity in my opinion.

  • tsoldrin

    Please learn how digg works before shooting your mouth off like a damned fool. There are anti-paul people and people just plain sick of ron paul articles who both seek out and bury them. There are also plenty of people who like ron paul and digg his articles. The combination of the two often leaves articles in a limbo withouth being able to make the front page because of buries but also not being buried because of diggs. There is NO gaming of the system going on in any measurable way. ASK DIGG YOURSELF and they will confirm.

  • Jeffiner

    If you want to talk about manipulation, just look at the blatant attempt by the MSM to ignore, insult, and attack Ron Paul. Where were all the front page stories that showed he won the (or came in second) on the debate polls? Silence. Instead, you talk about some website and claim his supporters are the ones doing the manipulation? Incredible! If the rest of the dummies running for President are too inept to recognize what you claim is a social benefit (this Digg site you mention) and cannot get their supporters to try to help them, then they are useless as candidates. Or could it be that REAL people really really really like the first candidate to come along in ages that tells the truth, is honest, wants to bring us more freedom, not less, and has no interest in murdering people around the globe? Perhaps, just once, the people have a real candidate to support, rather than one to vote against.
    Ron Paul is getting his money in drips and drabs from poor folks who only have twenty or thirty dollars to give and have to do without to even volunteer that much. Raising 2.4 million is huge under those circumstances.
    Either every candidate can “spam” the Internet or none of them can. This is ridiculous!
    Talk about the real issue: the MSM manipulating and fixing an election so a big government candidate will get into office and give them favors. How about THAT story?
    Oh, and go find out something about Ron Paul. Perhaps you will learn why all of us are so flipping excited about him! We don’t have many options and we don’t get any voice in the “real” news, so we talk where we can. We are trying to save ourselves and the whole country. There is a lot at stake here!

  • James D

    Man oh man! It burns me when obscure bloggers like this try to manipulate their popularity on digg by jumping on the Ron Paul bandwagon of support.
    No-one reading your post or blog? No problem! Just put something (anything) about Ron Paul in it and post it on digg and the natural interest in the man will drive your popularity through the roof.
    Stop masquerading as a legitimate debater and contributor to political discussion! The social websites will find you out and brand your silly ass as the bandwagon-jumper you are!
    Now go wash your mouth out with soap and then write something intelligent!

  • Scrump

    Nothing is funnier or sadder than DIGG snobs. You can find them just about anywhere lamenting about people who must be truly stupid because they don’t do this or that right on DIGG. These people think that the world would be a better place if only everyone were as DIGG savvy as they were. We could only hope for such a utopia!
    Newsflash: I don’t care if I not am DIGG’ing correctly (I’m still not that sure what that means exactly). I just want to read to what I like to read & and every now and again I like to push a pretty button. I didn’t know I was DIGG public enemy number one, GEEZ.
    I hate myspace, I prefer the real world over the virtual one. Nothing is more pathetic than self-important DIGG nazis (No DIGG for you!) Keep your friggin DIGG, you ninnying twit. Who’s with me?
    I’d spam old Ron right into The Whitehouse, & I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep over it.

  • James D

    DIGG Nazis – now that’s funny! – ‘No truth for you!’
    The DIGG Nazis are afraid we’ll steal all their secret ‘truth’ news recipes and their secret power of ‘The Bury’.
    Will the peasants overwhelm the defences and end their empire of powerful insularity where they bless ‘legitimate’ news and anonymously bury the desires of the unwashed masses? Horrors!
    In the Sacred Bury Council of the Digg Elite (membership unknown – news not fit to print) there is high anxiety that the hordes of Ron Paul will overwhelm them and tear down this wall of shame.
    If you want to do something useful for the world, Mr. Professional Social Network Site Surfer, investigate why DIGG does not reveal the members who bury stories. They reveal only the members who digg stories. Why is that? (if you have no curiosity at this point you are not a journalist).
    That is a legitimate story for you to investigate. I challenge you to do it.
    Since, by your own admission, you know little about Ron Paul I suggest you take a good look at him and learn how it takes courage to act on principle instead of popularity. Then go do it yourself.
    So far you have shown us nothing but the ease with which you can promote the established prejudice of the time. I’d like to say I expect more of you – but, well, I don’t.

  • David

    As someone who supports Ron Paul, was this article supposed to change my mind? If so, I don’t get it. Probably because I don’t understand most of what you’re talking about. And, if I don’t understand what you’re talking about, I guess I’m not one of the members of the Ron Paul Camp that is doing whatever it is they are doing on the internet. I had actually thought that there might be quite a few people out there like myself who just happen to believe in Paul’s message. But, I guess that isn’t so. I guess I’m just one of the few who got sucked in by this small group of computer genius hackers, the Ron Paul Camp. Man, do I feel stupid. God! you guys are assholes, you Ron Paul computer wizards, for making me believe there really were a lot of Ron Paul supporters out there. I feel so violated. Ohhhhh.

  • Jeanette Doney

    As a Ron Paul supporter I am not a Digg user, nor do I have YouTube or MySpace figured out enough to be Ron Paul’s friend, but I want to be, and I will be. Like most Ron Paul supporters, there is no corporate sponsor writing checks and sending us off to the grocery store with bumper stickers and pins for sale. Besides my contributions to the Ron Paul campaign, I’m making my own signs and flyers posting them around town and reading everything I can about RP and adding my views. I’m sure there are more folks like me who aren’t as computer savvy, as others here, that would be Ron Paul’s friend, and Digging Ron Paul, if they could. I’ll make you this promise. I’ll only Digg an article once and vote FOR RON PAUL once. Okay now? I’m off to respond to more RP articles, so have a great evening as I am.

  • Allan

    I would like to meet the people that “gamed” Ron Paul into recognition. If they hadn’t, I would have missed the only candidate I’ve ever thought deserved my vote.
    If you need to suspect a candidate(s) research who owns the FED, and who contributes to the mainstream candidates. There’s a game for you.
    Keep doubting. It makes us stronger. Ron Paul or bust.

  • HMTKSteve

    I am not a Ron Paul supporter but why does the main stream media ignore him?
    Ron Paul wins an online poll and the newsies scratch their head and point to the “not a scientific poll” disclaimer. Hillary wins an online poll and it is front page news.
    You can’t pick and choose when to “trust” polling data. Either you do or you do not.
    Ron Paul is the only conservative running on the Republican side. To suggest that Ron Paul supporters are gaming digg is foolish. I can just use that same argument to say that Apple Fanboys are gaming digg! How many supporters do you need to have before you gain acceptance?
    Also, why did you show a screencap of the stories as buried? Is this from your digg account or someone elses?
    Politics is not the playground social media is, I think you might have really stepped in it this time!

  • Charles Wesley Fowler

    Muhammad, your reasoning is so absurd as to be inexplicable save a motive not shared with us in your blog. I digg lots of Ron Paul stuff. Are my Diggs “fake?”
    The only shill I see here if you.

  • AC Green

    I think those who have analyzed his support don’t understand the difference between spamming and passionate support. I’m a meetup organizer, and I’ve NEVER been told to get people in a room to repeatedly vote in surveys (aren’t there ways to detect that anyway?). I think what’s going on is that people are so starved for real leadership and creativity that they are willing to do much more than the average Rudy/McCain/Romney supporter. Yes, there are a few bad apples, but no more than any other campaign (and perhaps fewer!). Writers like the author above can’t seem to grasp that people are excited about a candidate who truly looks like he would make a difference.

  • cfountain72

    Hello Mr. Saleem,
    If you have not already done so, please read Mr. Sansone’s own follow up to the piece you referenced. Here is the 1. bullet point in his words:
    “The Ron Paul support on Digg and other online networks is not directly tied to the Ron Paul campaign, although several people involved do run Ron Paul support organizations. This is strictly grassroots and not affiliated with the main campaign. Referencing the Digg gaming as part of “his” campaign was hasty mistake. Online grassroots operations mean that organization is decentralized with no top-down management. This means that collusion is anonymous and guided solely by agenda affiliation.”
    Peace be with you.

  • Will

    I’m a Paul supporter, but, was of course a Digg and Reddit user before getting involved in the Paul campaign. I’ve submitted a few stories voted for a bunch regarding RP.
    But I don’t even do that any more because I don’t want to drive people away from Paul by his stories overwhelming those sites, even though it’s obvious that a ton of users want those stories…

  • FredC

    Nice comment. Perhaps Mr. Saleem will take the time to think about it. Ron Paul support is real – and not gamed.

  • Joe Schembrie

    So we are supposed to believe that the most honest of candidates has the most dishonest of supporters? And that neocons, who jimmied an entire war, would never jimmy an internet poll?

  • John Reading

    And we are supposed to believe that the candidate with the fewest supporters is able to win all the online polls…how? And we have the evidence of this where?

  • LiamIAm

    Really. So digg is not equipped to deal with a surge in new community members? New members are not ‘authentic’ members because they are single topic focused whereas all ‘authentic’ members are magically interested or disinterested in all topics equally? Howz that work? And ‘authentic’ members are only those who predate the new influx into the community? Huh? One member, one vote. What’s this ‘weighting’ crap just because you’re a geriatric flatulation in the community? Then you get 2 or more votes? Well maybe digg ought to have a jubilee year and EVERYBODY gets reset to ‘1’ annually. Then see how that works.

  • Phil

    Whine, Whine, piss, moan.
    When will tin-foil neo-cons just give it up, quit dreaming up non-factual conspiracies, and face the number$
    I suppose with Saleem’s and Sansone’s relativistic lack of logic and common sense it can only be assumed that I alone wrote all of the previous posts.

  • John Howard

    It’s clear to me. Since Ron Paul CAN’T win, when he does win, it’s must be a trick.

  • NH

    This website article does not make sense.
    First, there is no top down directive from Paul’s campaign to do ANYTHING. Paul’s supporters are reading and joining and donating on his behalf, all on their own.
    Second, look what happened in Iowa! One forum with all other GOP candidates drew 600 while Paul’s drew 1200.
    How is that spamming?
    Also he won a cell phone poll up to the last 30 minutes anyway, at which time he came in a close second. How is this possible with a cell phone?
    I’m sick a tired, frankly of sour grapes writers who dismiss this as spamming when Google and Technorati have said it’s valid.
    Ron will be at Google on the 13th or 14th so perhaps they will explain why he is the most searched keyword on the internet.

  • Ron Stringfield

    I am a real life Ron Paul supporter. I receive little from “Camp Paul” and nothing from them on online activism, except a few mail these guys for excluding us messages.
    I am however involved in several of the unofficial groups, yahoo mainly. Do we share links? Of course. So what? If supporters of other candidates are not doing the same thing then they are STUPID.
    I never really found much use for meetup or digg before this campaign. Now I see their value and have even joined a few groups on meetup unrelated to Paul.
    You conspiracy theorists are nuts! This is not some big dark plot. It is just a matter of a fairly large number of very enthusiastic (and sure, some, are annoying) supporters among the highly informed internet community that has always leaned libertarian.
    I mean, have you ever looked at where LP candidates have finished in online polls? It is always a huge exponent of their less than half percent performace. Have you seen where Ayn Rand has appeared among polls of fiction/philospohy online? It’s obviously skewed. Online metrics are not and never have been reliable samples.
    Most of the online community are people who are never undecided. They know early for whom they are voting. The other candidates may have as much, and in a few cases, more support. But, they are simply not as committed or as enthused as the Ron Paul supporters. And that is the sole reason for the interent phenomena.
    Personally, I have never been more enthused about a candidate.
    Will it translate to the polls? Maybe not, probably not. But that in no way implies some sort of unethical behavior.
    If we do not get out the word beyond the net, then it certainly will not translate to the polls. The internet support is real. The meetup groups are being effective in translating it into the real world, with outreach efforts.
    Look at Paul’s financial numbers recently reported by ABC. Witness, the outpouring of support he had in Iowa. I will be at a SF bay area rally, I expect will draw hundreds. How can these things be spammed? They cannot be.
    You are grasping at straws, too bad Paul is showing up as a contender in all the straw polls.

  • Don

    Yeah, a handful of Ron Paul supporters spammed his Iowa event too and caused many more to show up to Dr. Paul’s event than the event he was excluded from. Man, that handful of guys certainly are busy.

  • Alex Libman

    There are about 45 million American adults who didn’t vote for Bush or Kerry in the 2004 election. Political pundits like to pretend that those people don’t exist, exclude them from polls, and do everything else in their power to make their disenfranchment a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Most of those people are not lazy or stupid, they are politically depressed – they don’t want a left-wing slave-master or a right-wing slave-master, they just want the government out of their lives! But they know the game is rigged, so why bother trying?
    Now that, for once, there is a viable presidential candidate who speaks for those people, who has what it takes to rally them (along with the “lesser of two evils” voters) into a powerful political base – the mainstream is trying to sweep them under the carped more fiercely than ever before!
    The two-headed RepubliCratic party will call us all sorts of things: one-percenters, spammers, freaks, even terrorists… (Very reminiscent of how other one-party states deal with their political opponents. Make no mistake about it, there’s now more disagreement and genuine debate behind the closed doors of the Chinese Communist Party than in our three-CSPAN circus!)
    The political elite is desperate to keep us from realizing our own strength, to maintain the illusion that we’re just a bunch of pot-head phreaks and spammers conspiring in some Berkeley computer lab, or whatever image they’re trying to paint. If that false stereotype is ever debunked, the avalanche of support for Ron Paul will become unstoppable!

  • openyoureyes

    The problem with Ron Paul supporters is that they come from all walks of life and represent every spectrum of America..They revel in the idea of eliminating the prospect of totally becoming a welfare/warfare state…They abhor corruption and backdoor politics…They love and cherish the Constitution and the Stars and Stripes…They know all of the words to the Star Spangled Banner…..Democrats want free everything and control of everything at the expense of the taxpayer…..Neo-Cons want to make our country into a bastion of farming the poor into wars of aggression and pure profit in order to make themselves rich and solidify their power….If I was a scumbag I would hate Ron Paul too……perhaps freedom is popular afterall?..

  • Tracy

    I’m getting pretty good lately at searching the web, and even using YouTube.
    And it’s not to check out the latest on Paris Hilton.
    It’s the only place I can get information on Ron Paul.
    I am also a supporter of his, and at 45 just put my first EVER bumper sticker on my car…to tell people to Vote Ron Paul.
    I don’t have a MySpace, I don’t understand Digg, and I’m not sure what Reddit is (but am off to find out in a minute).
    Maybe there are supporters trying to manipulate the sites you’re talking about…I don’t know.
    All I know is that I LIKE the guy and what he stands for, and the only reason I read your blog was because I have a google (I DO understand google!) alert for any articles on him.

  • Tim

    um…has anyone noticed that the majority of replies are from Ron Paul supporters?
    or are they fixin to claim it’s one supporter with a zillion email addresses?

  • Scott

    As a dutiful and obedient internet user, who happens to support Ron Paul, I need your help. Precisely what is it that I need to do to be treated as a fully-functional human being? Clearly, I’ve been in error when I chose to DIGG stories that I found interesting about the candidate I support. Apparently, supporters of other candidates do not do this, and I need to be instructed about the proper use of DIGG. Am I restricted only from DIGGing stories about the candidate? Or shall I also self-regulate myself to no longer DIGG stories that reflect opinions and political positions that the candidate and I share?
    This may sound like a joke, but I’m actually serious. I’m tired of being treated like a ‘bot or a “spammer”. Apparently, my opinions are valued lower than yours. So, explain which of my choices are not acceptable, and I will proceed to self-censor. After all, there’s no need for you to see opinions that differ from yours. Forgive me for any part I might have played in offering those. Just tell me where I need to draw the line, because, quite frankly, I’m still confused. What is it that I’m not supposed to do? I can’t DIGG articles that someone else also chose? I can’t DIGG articles that support the candidate? I can’t DIGG the same articles that other supporters dugg? If only you people would explain it, I’d be happy to quit this vast right-wing conspiracy, but you need to let us know. We seriously don’t understand what we’re supposed to do.

  • Tanner Godarzi

    Attention Ron Paul supporters, I blocked the politics category since it does not interest me long, long ago. Now I am a diehard Apple fanboy, a small pack of us should be able to take out the entire Ron Paul army or whatever its called. Now, I shouldn’t hear about Ron Paul let alone ANY politics, right? Oh no, how fucking wrong I am! Its Digg plus lunatics, I hear about him in a thread about fucking Nintendo! What does Ron Paul have to do with the Wii? Unless he plans on training soldiers with a Wii to combat terrorists then I do not care. Short and sweet, you people are insane.


    Much like “TIME’S 2007 PERSON OF THE YEAR: YOU” bit, Dr. Paul’s message inspires and empowers the INDIVIDUAL. That’s why he’s so appealing and it’s no wonder why he’s generated the amount of excitement he has.
    When you have a government argumentably bordering on an empire…naturally there’s going to be “blowback” from its citizens (if I may borrow that term, ha). And they’re responding in droves…on the internet & in person at Meetup groups. The MSM is BOUGHT & PAID FOR and it takes $100 mill to seem “credible”. How sad.
    Turn off American Idol you numbnuts, our country is going down the friggin toilet!
    Ron Paul ’08

  • Daniel

    These numbers are not fake! The reason for the discrepancy between Ron Paul’s numbers in the polls and votes, views, subscriptions, friends, whatever on the internet is that the mainstream media has not exposed a ton of people to Ron Paul like it has Giuliani, McCain, Romney, and Thompson. Only 2 million Americans (~1% of those of voting age) watched the debates. Ron Paul has about 2% support, not too bad when probably no more than 5-10% have heard of him. He is very popular among those who know his platform, hence the large number of comments and hits on blogs (because people who post on political blogs are likely to have heard of Ron Paul and know about his principles, and thus are much more likely to support Paul). The people who have not researched the candidates support Giuliani and Romney and Obama and Clinton. If Paul’s volunteer support network continues to grow as it did in the second quarter of 2007, Ron Paul will have enough money and support to get attention from the mainstream media. At the same time, the less politically-motivated will get more interested in learning about the candidates. You might find that the message of freedom is quite popular in the so-called “land of the free”, especially as the average American gets more and more frustrated about the path of our foreign policy, the attack on Constitutional principles and the rights of the individual, and our ridiculous tax system that it designed to benefit the warfare and corporate welfare state.
    Remember that America’s economy is based around capitalism. Redirecting taxpayer dollars to corporations making record profits (for example, ExxonMobile receives federal funds for farm subsidies and federal funds for R&D) is not capitalism. Likewise, the frightening collectivist notions that the Democrats push are not capitalism. Ron Paul wants to rid us of the horrible tax system that is so bad for the middle class.
    Ron Paul’s message, if heard by all, should appeal much more to Americans than the 21st century GOP’s tendency towards an authoritarian war state.

  • In Theory

    I was just searching for news about my man Ron Paul and found this site. I have been thinking of joining Digg to see what it is about. I do use StumbleUpon and mark Ron Paul stories as well as my other interest. I wonder if I am real or some form of SPAM.
    Go Ron Paul.

  • Doug

    Anyone who still thinks that Ron Paul’s support on Digg is contrived only needs to look at any other major website that carries a Ron Paul story (pro or con) and allows comments.
    A Ron Paul story in the Washington Post had NINE PAGES of comments. Most stories get only a handful. A Ron Paul story on ABC had hundreds of comments, all of which somehow disappeared. Other sites have similar traffic.
    I read all the Ron Paul articles I can find every day, and comment on them from time to time. I Digg articles that are particularly good. I don’t collude with anyone. Does that make me a spammer? How is it spam to post a comment that is on the topic of the article?
    The truth is, tens of thousands of Ron Paul supporters are doing the same thing. I fell on the floor laughing when Fox News theorized that Ron Paul was leading their phone-text poll because the campaign was orchestrating some kind of get-out-the-vote effort. The campaign had about five employees at the time! Ron Paul’s supporters are acting independently, and organizing themselves. The support is genuine.
    This surprises people who see Ron Paul at 2% in the polls and figure he is a long shot. The polls aren’t counting people like me, or my wife, who just changed our registration to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. Or my brother, who is registering to vote for the first time because of Ron Paul.

  • Kristian

    I’d just like to chime in here that I am one of the many who support Dr. Paul.
    Further, as an IT professional I think its a bit silly to accuse anyone of gaming or spamming. There are very real protections that webmasters can put in place to prevent inauthentic votes from being registered.
    I donate money to his campaign regularly and i eagerly look through google, technorati and digg for links to new bits of news on his doings. I also subscribe to his youtube channel and ever podcast that features an interview with him. I know many other people who do much the same as I (though perhaps with a bit less intensity).

  • KS Huffman

    AS for me and my house, we were fans of Ron Paul from a long time ago when we read articles and heard his speeches. He’s been around a long while. Then we got interested in online ways to be updated on what congress was doing. Ron Paul stood out time and again. Ron Paul is really hot right now because the opposite, take for instance Mr. Plastic Neocon presidential candidates, they ain’t getting my vote no matter who they are. America first, my constitution first, and foreign involvement last. I wrote a letter to Sam Brownback about protecting habeus corpus, and he said he would look into it. He doesn’t think it is still applicable because of terrorists. New World Order Bullsh*t!!

  • holl

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter!! Finally someone who is for real has come along when we need him most. RP supporters are avid because we finally have something worthwhile to get excited about. I think RP’s suppport could actually be greater than what they are reporting because it’s not corportate backed it’s us the people, and big media doesn’t say much about him, he is the first to get this much attention because of people alone, I’ve met other people who like Ron Paul and they show up to events having printed their own post cards about him, signs etc. So we are not some hugely organized machine that’s what is so impressive about it, we are just people who have been inspired about his message. Liberty is paramount. Get rid of Corporatism, Government largess, The Federal Reserve, Income Tax, and so many useless bureaucratic departments.

  • holl

    sorry for the double post, oh and I’ve never voted online for Ron Paul, but I have emailed Keith Olbermann to say something about Ron Paul’s campaign but I don’t think he has yet

  • badmedia

    And people say ron paul supporters are the conspiracy theorist.

  • Mayah

    I just want to help confirm Ron Paul’s support. I was non-political for the last 7 years. I learned about Ron Paul this spring, and heard he was running for president a couple of months ago. I don’t watch TV so I get on the computer only to check the news about Ron Paul. I feel the need to comment on anything that tries to portray Ron Paul and his supporters negatively, I guess I take it personally. My am supporting Ron Paul because I believe it is the moral thing to do. I feel like I am supporting a friend.

  • Jon Cleary

    We need a change, someone with a brain that has an independant sensible point of view. Thank god that at last normal people have someone they can get behind. I wish Ron Paul was already President.

  • Jason

    Are there Ron Paul spammers? Of course.
    But is Ron Paul’s widespread internet support genuine? Definitely.
    For over 2 years I have supported Ron Paul and his ideas. The reason why he is so popular is because he is different from all the other candidates. He’s honest and humble, not exactly qualities of your average politician. I frequent political forums often and many of them have 30-50% posters who are libertarians. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me to see him so popular, and to see the mainstream media do whatever it can to ignore him.

  • Jason

    I used to be totally fatalistic and apathetic about politics. Until I learned about Ron Paul. In Ron Paul I see hope for this country. I’m a permanent resident, not even a citizen, but I donated $400 to his campaign.
    I have known about many of the issues that Ron Paul talks about, such as the Federal Reserve, fiat money, the economy, the interventionist foreign policy, and juror’s rights. Finding out that a congressman running for president who talks about these issues was like a dream.
    Muhammad, instead of focussing on what “lessons” his supporters need, how about LEARNING ABOUT WHY HIS SUPPORTERS ARE SO ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE.


    I ran across Ron Paul on you tube while looking at typical you tube stuff and now I am hooked,
    I have never used digg or reddit (whatever those are)
    all I do is search google news, try to catch him on tv and tell everyone I know about him, I donated to his campaign (first political donation ever and I plan on bi-weekly donations of 25$…Im poor) I bought a crap-load of bumper stickers and am re-registered from Libertarian to
    Sheeple-Lemming-Republitard (just for this election) so I can vote in the primary, all I can hope is that the machines will count his votes……curses D-BOLD!
    Most Libertarians:
    Republicans who smoke pot
    Democrats that own guns

  • Willem De Wit

    I’m a Ron Paul supporter, and, frankly, agree with a lot of the original post. Some (many?) Ron Paul supporters will leave positive feedback (digg) for Ron Paul articles without ever having seen the article. “Here’s a funny picture of Ron Paul. Please go and digg it.” The goal, of course, is to get people familiar with the two words (that will hopefully be known around the world in a year or so) “Ron Paul”. It’s working, but I have a feeling that there’s going to be (if there isn’t already) virtual blowback, in that there’s going to be a noticeable backlash against the RP campaign because of the methods used by some of the Ron Paul supporters.
    On the other hand, what do I know. Maybe what I consider “spamming” will actually do the job those RP supporters think it will do: get people familiar with the name Ron Paul, and get them to look into his views.

  • Ray Harmon

    The points raised in the blog post may have been almost believable one month ago, but not any more.
    The support is real and valid and whatever people are doing in support of Ron Paul is no different then what other people do for their choice of candidates. Well, there is one difference, Ron Paul supporters actually seem to care a lot about him and the campaign.
    It’s a spontaneous political movement; it ain’t neat, it ain’t polished, it ain’t managed, but it is most certainly real.

  • Nunu

    The kind of people who say they would vote for Giuliani when a pollster calls them at home are passive supporters. The kind of people who are willing to Digg Paul or vote for him in online polls-both actions that require self-motivated action-are active supporters. When it comes time for the primaries, it is the candidates with active supporters who are willing to get off their ass and go vote are the ones who will win.

  • JiveDadson

    It’s even worse than you imagined. That small band of gamers from Camp Paul are spamming his campaign fund with money! They have contributed almost $3 million. No doubt, some secret central agency coordinated it all. To make matters worse, Ron Paul is not even spending much of it! Money is for buying votes. It’s the American way. But Dr. Paul has $2.4 million of it still in the bank – which is half a million more than John McCain has. Scoundrels!

  • Tim

    Huh? This is a joke, right? Are you simply saying that a relatively small(for now) group of committed people are making waves on the internet? Wow. Is this supposed to be shocking to anyone? Let’s just put it another way: Ron Paul’s supporters are doing exactly what every candidate wishes their supporters would do, and we are doing it for free. We are successfully using whatever peaceful and legal means we have to promote our candidate. Should we just sit back and rely on the MSM to do our work for us? Should we rely on the same passive, negative and uninspiring tactics of the other dinosaurs? You call this manipulation? We call it a revolution.

  • Hockeydino

    Are you kidding me?
    Go Ron Paul go! Ron Paul supporters GET IT. Where as the tools of corporate America (Romney, Guiliani, Hilary, Obama, & Edwards) get their campaign funds by the millions….the Ron Paul movement is truly grass roots, and finally the internet is being used to promote a candidate correctly. There is nothing unethical about supporting him this way. You are grasping at straws.
    Actually if you knew what he was about, you would see that his platform and movement isnt conventional. The internet surge is a nice compliment to that.

  • Chris

    He isn’t public enemy #1. He’s become the enemy of a few dozen people who can’t find anything to attack about his stance on the issues so they attack his supporters.
    Ron Paul Spam! Oh no! Call the police!

  • Cutkomp

    I’ve gotten many Ron Paul stories to the front page of Digg recently. The Federal Reserve bill has over 3,200 Diggs.

  • quadszilla

    Usually on point, but you pretty much missed the boat on just about every angle of this story.
    I see a follow-up post in your future . . .

  • don

    Come on Mo,
    You really need to take this opportunity to man up and admit one of 2 things to all of us.
    either 1: you were outright wrong in your assessment and the vast individual responses on this thread alone prove it all by themselves.
    2: you were concerned at the low flow of traffic through your blog and needed the “Ron Paul Bump” and capitalized on the contoversy that was manufactured by Dr. Paul haters for your own gain.
    which is it? I’m hopong it’s the former.

  • Ryan

    In Congress, one caller represents about 13,000 people who feel the same way about an issue, but are silent. Online, 13,000 individuals posting about Ron Paul are in reality just one kook in his parents’ basement… riiiight?
    I suppose it’s possible, but unlikely, given the monetary support and the crowded live meet ups we are seeing in support of Ron Paul.

  • Davy C Rockett

    Another hit piece on the American people also known as Ron Paul supporters.
    The media will do anything to marginalize Paul, after every victory he gets.
    He just surpassed McCain in fundraising yet he hasn’t been labelled a frontrunner yet.
    Instead we have an article on how Ron Paul supporters are hurting Paul by blogging for him.
    I wish these Cronkite wannabes would just tell their bought and paid for bosses to start reporting truth instead of what they want you to think the truth is.
    How anyone can consider mainstream media as trustworthy nowadays is beyond me.

  • scott

    yeaaaaa im sure hes got a bunch of elite hackers on his team manipulating digg… that anti RP article you posted has over 1800 diggs you idiot. the fact is when the RP/giullani thing happened in the debate it made a lot of people see RP doesnt follow the typical cookie cutter template that everyother political dummy follows to appeal to the ignorant masses. THAT is why his campaign boomed so much. people see in him something that hasnt been in a president in a very long time.

  • don

    I suggest you post my last comment. Don’t think I’ll let you skate by easily if you do. I will gladly shout it from the mountain tops if you try to pull that garbage. Be a man and suck it up. You were busted doing shameful digg spam and now need to own up to it.

  • don

    nice! so you dont put up the post that I referenced too? again, time to come clean sir. as a reminder it was about 5 minutes before the one you “allowed” in. I’ll give you 5 monutes before I report iti

  • Chad Odhner

    Uh, just look at the number of unique posters on this tiny little blog. How is this not real support?

  • Chad Odhner

    Woops, sorry about the double, but also… I’M TIRED OF PEOPLE CALLING HIM “MR. PAUL”

  • Jesse

    You think you can keep us down by marginalizing us. We are the people, and we are very pissed off at the politicians. Ron Paul is the only person on capitol hill,that I know of that has a flawless voting record. Ron Paul is going to be the next president of the united states, despite the fact that you people think you can lie about him or his campaign.
    Americas Only Hope

  • monotony

    What in the world keeps making people think that the revolution is not REAL. We are not bots. We are not spammers. We are people INSPIRED and ACTIVATED to support a message of FREEDOM and the transfer of power FROM the politicians TO the people.
    The reason people CAN’T BELIEVE it’s real people is because of the level of mobilization that his message has. Anyone who looks any deeper than the surface of this candidate realizes instantly that this is the man they have been waiting for, for decades.
    Honest, principled, and consistent in his philosophy and record, there will not be another opportunity like this for America in a very long time. People recognize that he is special. No one is spamming, we love his message and judging by his financial reports we are spamming his donation page as well.

  • Peter McMahon

    I am actually a real person. I live in British Isles but became very interested in Dr Paul because he is very interesting. That is why I look for information about him on the internet. Simple as that really. Probably like a lot of other real people. I don’t know why you are going on about punishment. Honest I am a genuine human.

  • wayne

    What you-all must remember is that most of the people that question the numbers for Dr Paul on the net have to rely on paided off poll companys that their favor media tells them are right and thats who they need to vote for. Wayne

  • wayne

    What you-all must remember is that most of the people that question the numbers for Dr Paul on the net have to rely on paided off poll companys that their favor media tells them are right and thats who they need to vote for. Wayne

  • wayne

    What you-all must remember is that most of the people that question the numbers for Dr Paul on the net have to rely on paided off poll companys that their favor media tells them are right and thats who they need to vote for. Wayne

  • Mark Ferguson

    People who have listened to Ron Paul, read his books and articles and know what he believes by his words and deeds, know that Ron Paul is a good man, an honest and decent man. Then, you have a Neanderthal like Muhammed here, who either hasn’t taken the time to learn and research Ron Paul or he maligns good men on purpose. He has maligned a good man with misinformation from another blogger who can’t prove anything he said (it’s just his opinion, really) and he has posted a fraudulent photo of Cong. Paul (will some lawyer pick up on this and sue this jerkoff for defamation, libel, something?)
    By attacking Ron Paul, Muhammed (the author of the above blather) is saying he wants the Iraq War, the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the taking of our civil liberties, to continue. Insane!

  • Danielle Reed

    Yeah that’s right it’s just a bunch of his own campaign members spamming all the websites to boost his numbers. Please you guys really ned to dig a bit deeper and just get over the fact he has more support than you (much like most of the mass media) give him credit for. So unless you are suggesting it is also his campaign members donating the millions of dollars to boost those numbers and vote in the last straw poll which had him second you need to come up with a new story. Something a bit more innovative and oh yeah one that is truthful may not hurt either.

  • Danny

    Ron Paul just won the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers straw poll with 65% of the vote. That wasn’t on the internet. So much for your internet spamming theory.

  • Jason

    Ron Paul is the only true American in the race. He is anti New World Order and needs to be elected.

  • Alan

    All one needs to consider are the REQUESTS from other candidates for their supporters to create YouTube videos or to submit campaign songs. Ask yourself why the “top-tier” candidates have to ask for web 2.0 content and if THAT constitutes “gaming the system” or not. And why ask for content if it has no “real-world” weight? If it counts when it is requested, shouldn’t unsolicited content count just as much if not more?
    Ron Paul doesn’t need to ask anything of us because our support is as genuine as we are. That’s a truer sign of passionate support than any other candidate can muster and a clear sign as to why he’s going to win.

  • Darel

    No news here just move on…. Donate to Ron Paul. But if you must here are my views.
    So how did Paul win first place in the NH straw polls?
    So how has Paul posted a 1,2 or 3rd place in recent GOP sponsored straw Polls?
    No spammers here it’s a real effort and its growing every day.
    I could offer a opposite view to each point listed but it would take too much of my time. Besides this guy is only trying to increase his traffic. His efforts were however creative in nature.
    But it’s time to move on.

  • politix

    Whats really unfortunate about this is that Ron Paul is a legitimate canidate who is now ONLY getting recognized for the spamming and gaming of internet sites and social networks by his supporters. Because of actions like these, internet polls cannot be taken seriously, as they are meant to represent a cross-section of the American people, not a few crazed fans who then forward them to all their buddies.
    And stop pretending like you can’t game polls. Anyone with any kind of basic knowledge of computers/internet can game a poll, whether it be on MSNBC or some obscure site.
    Its terrific to see the support you guys provide, and it excites me to know that there are people that are so passionate about changing the state of our nation, but as stated above, you’re hurting Ron Paul more than you’re helping him.

  • Boris

    We are REAL PEOPLE! I’m here to be counted, to support and promote Dr. Ron Paul. The internet is our tool, we are not as you might insinuate figments of the web… but people USING the web to the full promise it holds.

  • rich

    i have already reached dozens of people in my family and friends, and when i share dr paul’s freedom message it
    resonates with them. over 60% who previously were unaware
    of ron paul are now supporters. others are still undecided
    but interested. when rp raised $600k in first qtr funds
    all you experts said he would gain little, if any in q2.
    that was their authoratative pronouncement.
    in q2 as most other candidates raised less than q1
    ron paul quadrupled his support to $2.4 million.
    i feel his numbers will rise on a similar curve.
    will this be q3>$10M, q4>40M??
    even if he achieved half that amount, it would put him
    with the front-runners. Im willing to say there’d a chance.
    remember: the nay sayers were proven wrong by his Q2 $$$.
    if you believed them rp would have left the race months ago.
    btw whenever we see paul bashing posts my wife and I donate
    to keep up the posts, your helping rp.

  • Jason

    The real difference between Ron Paul supporters and other candidates support is that we are active, and the other campaigns have passive support. We go out of our way to support everything about our guy because that is the only way we have to spread the word. The media is not covering him, we don’t have $20 million in the bank to run ads. We have less than a year to get out the vote, but we will.
    I donate money, put stickers on my cars, hand out pamphlets, talk to my friends/family about him, and I am going to set help work an info booth at a gun show this month… before this campaign, I’ve never done more than cast a vote. I’m into the message, I don’t care if he wins or not. If he is the next Barry Goldwater, and in 8 or 10 years we have a new crop of libertarian Republicans running for office because they became inspired by his campaign this year, then we have accomplished something.

  • rich

    this is my 3rd comment ..
    guess they lacked (as in lackey) the guts to post my second comment. well, someone must have read it. good enough…
    i now have a measure of this blog.

  • Mark

    I am a Ron Paul supporter and I have dugg every article about him. Does this make me fake and a manipulator? I also digg other things, but I make sure to show my support by digging the stories that come through.
    Ron Paul for President!

  • Matt

    I know Ron Paul supporters are spamming websites because I got an email saying that my “comments” on a Ron Paul blog were posted…only thing is that I never commented about Ron Paul and that’s the only reason I’m here now because of what Ron Paul supporters are doing…using other people’s emails to make comments about Ron Paul…it’s obvious…
    The one comment on here by the “non Paul supporter” that calls him the “only conservative on the republican ticket” is also proof…it’s obvious that he supports paul…

  • Jeffery J.

    Anyone in their right mind will vote for Ron Paul. If someone doesn’t vote for him it means that they want a Verichip implanted into their body. That is what will happen if Dr. Paul is not elected. That is a guarantee. People who do not have an intrest in voting for Dr. Paul desperately need to research the Real ID Act and the North American Union as fast as possible. When you find out that our Government will implant the Verichip in our bodies to further the goal of the privately owned Federal Reserve maybe this new found knowledge may inspire you to think about why no other candidate is talking about these issues. When you research the validity of these concerns you will clearly see that you have no choice but to vote for Ron Paul otherwise the Government will be able to track you wherever you go and everything you do. Is that really what you want? What other candidate has said openly that they will do everything possible to stop the Real ID Act or the North American Union? To my knowledge none. Something to think about.

  • JOe

    I’m a proud Ron paul supporter.. Why does this guy think it’s some “conspiracy theory” that ron paul has the biggest online support base.

  • Rick

    Ron Paul – There really is something different here.
    Years ago, I gave up the illusion of finding someone worthy of my vote for President. The candidates are politicians; beholden to their party, lobbyists & special interest first – the people last.
    I’ve always thought “…An honest politician -Yea Right! when pigs fly -I’ll believe that when I see them vote down a pay raise, give back left-over money in their office budget, and give up their obscene congressional pension…” Guess what! Ron Paul actually does this!
    Here’s something else that speaks volumes about Ron Paul’s character — lobbyists don’t even bother to visit his office any more. They know that if the legislation doesn’t serve “The People”, and if it doesn’t follow the Constitution, he won’t vote for it.
    I’ve watched Ron Paul (YouTube/C-SPAN) & I don’t ever recall hearing him say negative things about the other candidates. He’s running a clean campaign, always sticking to the issues, & never resorting to “mud-slinging” like the others.
    Whether you agree with his ideas or not, you have to admit, it’s truly refreshing to actually find an honest politician – one that actually looks out for “The People”, and follows the principles of our founders -no kidding!
    Oh – here’s another thing I find very interesting, the major media outlets are essentially ignoring him, and the other candidates are trying to bar him from future presidential debates. You have to ask yourself, WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF!?

  • Jimmerz

    If you ask me in every election we have ever had, we have had to choose the candidate who was the lesser of two evils, today however we actually have someone who represents the constitution and gives the voice back to the American people. Ron Paul is our savior. Thank god someone who isn’t a total liar, a trilateralist, or prostitutes our democracy. If people fully knew the issues he is going to set strait for this country they would jump behind him no matter what party they felt they belonged to. America is spending far beyond it’s means, we are consuming way to much resources, and it’s the rest of the world who is paying for it. We need to escape the cluches of the Federal Reserve Banks at all cost so we can get this nation out of debt, and about the 9/11 question, Ron Paul didn’t ask the question, it was formed to try and trip him up. He makes great sence. If you want to be a slave and have your constitutional liberties stripped one by one, and those of your children, then continue to vote for people like that liar Hillary, Gulliani, or fox news’schoice Mitt Ronmney. Then keep your mouth shut for the next four to eight years and realize you’ve just nominated Goerge Bush Jr. into office. Wake up America, Ron Paul is like a life raft in a sea full of sharks.

  • Timspic

    The Ron Paul revolution is on the way! Greedy, low down, lying, punk polititans your time is closing very rapidly. Soon the people will once again pull your strings. Ron Paul will smash Fox news, CNN and all the other party endorsing news networks, and leave a trail of freedom.

  • Restore The Repbulic

    Just another bag of hot air using doctored photos of a dignified statesman to try to smear the one clean presidential candidate from any party. Get a life. Do something for your country. We don’t have much time left to restore the great nation to its Constitutional roots.
    Paul supporters aren’t manipulating sites. The numbers are real and the proof is in the contribution stats. People don’t spam with money go do your homework.

  • HOPE for America

    How do we do it? How can we help Ron Paul win this primary? Would the old we tell two friends and they tell two friends thing work?
    We must change. I think we can all agree that both parties have lost touch with thier roots. The internet is very powerful. Perhaps mass emails to the different media outlets. Forcing them to take notice of this voice?
    I was, am a staunch Republican. Ron Paul is my candidate.

  • Zephram Stark

    It was the same guy that donated $100 thirty thousand times on the Fifth of November too.

  • NH

    Yeah hell we have a couple of REALLLLLy rich spammers there, $4.3M worth on Nov 5th now we are up to $8M…wow, what a bunch of spam..

  • Graham

    Are you saying I am not a genuine youtube, myspace, digg, facebook, meetup user because I look at and post stuff about ron paul on those sites? I don’t get it…I am showing my support for my candidate trying to spread his message in the last vestiges of free speech left to me and that is somehow not okay with you or what? I am not masquerading as a genuine user I am one. In fact so is every other person who signs up on those sites, there is no such thing as a non-genuine user.
    Most of the Ron Paul supporters are acting totally independently of the campaign so even if some over-zealous supporters did some spamming to get his message out there, you can’t blame the candidate instead ask why his supporters are so passionate they would go to such lengths to promote him (maybe they really don’t like torture or treasonous politicians who willfully violate the supreme law of our land and have the gall to call parts of anachronistic).
    By the way why don’t you go on the website and take ten minutes to study his positions before writing another article.
    P.S. The person running a spam campaign is Mitt “money bags” Romney whose campaign is in so much debt because he keeps loaning it money (out of his $100 million stash)

  • KR

    On December 16th, 2007, $6.3 million dollars donated in one day to Ron Paul’s campaign. The next day another $500,000 as people could not get onto the website as the thing was jammed.
    I think that we can safely put this idea to bed that it is just a FEW. Federal law allows up $2300 donated per individual & most people are donating $50 so do the math.
    Btw MS, RP has very good relations with CCHR & the Church of Scientology, (he has consistently voted against any government funding of pharmaceutical industry backed psychiatric initiatives) so maybe you should fix your picture up there.

  • Magpie

    If polititcians supporters just used there iPhones to post to social bookmarking sites and digg there articles they would see more traffic to there sites