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Over the last couple of years social media has really taken off and participation is growing at a super fast rate. At any given time there are millions of people writing blog posts or content to put on the web. The minute these people write something and post it, an audience is already there and waiting to read it. That is why reputation monitoring is so important. You need to be alerted when something is said about you or your company so you can respond and manage the situation. It’s not just limited to companies either; individuals need to monitor their own reputation as well.
There are a number of tools available for monitoring your buzz. The more obvious ones being blog search engines that are used to find blog posts related to a specific search. Some of the better blog search engines include Technorati, Sphere, Google Blog Search, Rollyo, and Blog Pulse. There are also conversation tracking tools that should be used to track comments left on blogs once something is posted. These include Commentful, CoComment, and Co.mments. You should also be tracking message boards and forums where it’s possible that people could be talking about you.
The things that you should be watching for might include your company
name, company url, product names, public facing people, blogs or sites
that follow your company, competitor names, and your industry as a
whole. Most of the tools I mentioned have RSS feeds available, so take advantage of these. The benefit of using RSS feeds is that you will be notified instantly when something happens or is updated. RSS feeds also save you a lot of time. It takes a lot longer to check each individual tool for updates than it does to check your feed reader.
It’s important to track your buzz intensely. The last thing you want is for some nasty rumors to start about your company only to find out about it once it is too late. These are things you need to know about
immediately so you can control the effect. You also need to know about
good things that have been said so you can respond to those as well.
**All this information is fresh on my mind from a presentation I
recently gave at SES. If you would like to view the slides from the
presentation they are available here. If anyone has any questions
regarding reputation tracking, please leave a comment or contact me.

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