Put on Your Game Face

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You are probably a great writer with many insightful things to say and have lots of people reading your content, but for some reason not many of these people ever get in touch with you. You don’t have people leaving comments, filling out contact forms, or wanting to get in touch with you outside your blog. Why is this?
A simple mistake that many bloggers make is that of (depending on how you want to look at it) either not revealing enough, or hiding too much. Blogging is ultimately a very personal and social medium, and the more you reveal, the more of yourself you put in the material, the more unique your content will be. If people read/hear a voice that they associate with, and see someone that they feel they can connect with, they are more likely to want not only to read your content with more regularity, but to actually take that extra step and want to create a relationship with you.
Too many times I visit blogs that don’t even have an ‘about page’. And often times when the do have about pages, either they just elaborate on what the blog is about or the space the blog covers, and more often than not the page is unfortunately lacking in information about the author. Yes, it’s true that people visit your site to read your content but at the same time they also want to know that there is a human being writing the content.
For example, when you visit this site, you see links to both an about page as well as a contact page.

Clicking on the about page, you can not only read short biographies of the 4 authors, but you can also see who we are.

If you want to increase your reader interaction, modify your blog by making it a bit more personal, it will make a big difference.

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