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New meta search engine for online video content, (Pure Video Search) has launched in beta as a one stop location for the searching of online video across the major Internet video providers. aggregates crawled data from YouTube, MySpace Video, Comedy Central, Fox Sports, ESPN, CNN, and GoFish among others. is the search engine which is also connecting the online video sites of the PureVideo Networks’ other sites, and (sports). Upon searching for queries in multiple results are served with the tite of each video, its description, a thumbnail image of the video and the site which is hosting the video. Google AdSense ads are also served to the right side of the video search results.

After performing a simple search on, however, I find some features lacking in this meta search engine. : Meta Video Search Engine

1. It would be useful to have the length of the video posted in the results. I believe that users prefer quasi-full length videos, lonfer that one minute.

2. The ability to sort results by source, video length, or date uploaded.

3. Less than 100 video results per page. A search for Ray Lewis results in some relevant videos, but 100 of them to scroll and sort through is a bit overwhelming.

4. PureVideo should work with Google AdSense to showcase a Google Video AdSense ad as either the top sponsored result, or the 3rd or 4th video. Doing so may prove to be more effective in terms of revenue generation than the old run of the mill right side AdSense skyscraper.

5. When I tried searching for terms within quotation marks, I was served an error message: No Results Available for “”. This needs to be fixed before Monday as many searchers naturally use quotes when searching for multi-keyword terms.

Sure, PureVideo is in beta right now with a press and media blitz scheduled for Monday, so having access to private YouTube or MySpace video API data may be difficult. But, if the company builds a strong user base and can generate some strong referrals to the video hosts they work with, they may enjoy a more open relationship with such companies. does have the strengths of a top notch design and a very brandable URL. Hopefully they will build upon their strengths as beta testing commences.

And why was developed? “We quickly learned that users would devour and create more video content than any one site could categorize or publish,” said Greg Morrow, President and Co-founder of PureVideo Networks. “Existing options for discovering video or searching for specific footage are simply not that good. We’ve taken the best ideas of Web search coupled with the best ideas we’ve learned as a video publisher, to create this very user-friendly search engine.”

Morrow says that PureVideo Search will also provide PureVideo Networks with important trend data about broadband video consumption. This reporting will help drive future strategic thinking around content, product, and business development, as well as investment in future content verticals and utilities.

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