Promoting Your Old YouTube Videos

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Oftentimes, your YouTube video that once became viral will be buried and forgotten. But there’s no need to whine. There are four simple ways to relive your clip’s time of glory.

Read further to know how you can promote your old YouTube videos again.

Rework Your Keywords

When reliving your old videos, it’s best to start with your keywords. Using a keyword research tool, you can identify the relevant query terms that uncovers your audience’s concerns. That way, you can promote your videos accordingly. Use your highly searched keywords on your video’s title, description, and tags. This will help your clip rank on YouTube and Google, which can result to more targeted views.

Upload a Video Transcript

Forgetting to include a video transcript is a mistake that most video marketers do. Because search engine bots can’t index videos and images, uploading a video transcript can do the trick. You can do it yourself or hire someone to transcribe your video, and then upload it on YouTube. The video-sharing site will index every single word of it, and incorporate it to their search algorithms.

Create a Strong Call to Action

Another mistake that video marketers do is that they forget to add a strong call to action on their videos. It’s important that you tell people what to do after watching your clip; otherwise, they’ll just move on and forget everything about it.

You can customize the ad banner overlay to direct viewers to your website, put your domain on the description area, or add an annotation that can encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Being able to tell your audience exactly what to do can leverage your YouTube video.

Promote Your Video and Get Backlinks

Once you’re done, you’re now ready to promote your video again. Embed your video on your blog, share it on Facebook, or post it on Twitter. That way, your video will acquire backlinks that can boost its search engine ranking. Just don’t forget to ask your friends and fans to share your video for additional promotion.

Just because your video’s time is over, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it. You can still relive it by reworking on your keywords, incorporating it on your video’s title, description and tags, uploading your transcript, and promoting it again. Although it’s an extensive work, seeing that your video’s views increased is worth the effort.

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