Product Isn’t Always Enough

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It’s true that in most cases a good product is unique and innovative and self-sufficient enough that the maxim ‘build it and they will come’ stands true, but there are many other instances in which your product’s success can be prevented or limited because of things that are out of your control. Let’s look at an example.
A great example of this phenomenon is the Joost problem. The folks at Joost have managed to create a product that can really be considered revolutionary. It takes several existing concepts and implements them in a way that fully realizes the potential of pre-existing technologies that are implemented elsewhere but not necessarily in a synergistic way. However, and in spite of that, Joost has a problem.
Joost has issues with video quality but the problems aren’t so much on their side, but are a result of a more general concern: American broadband. Broadband available to the average American household isn’t fast enough for Joost to be able to deliver content at a good resolution and fast enough for it to be enjoyable. So as you can see, while the product is great, the absence of good infrastructure to support it makes for a bad experience overall.
And this is definitely not the only example. History is filled with products that, though they were great, were either ahead of their time, or didn’t have enough third-party and partner support to allow them to succeed.

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