Presidential Debate, the YouTube Way

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The Official Google Blog announces the launch of CNN/YouTube Debates, a compilation of user, or better yet, “electoral-generated” videos of questions for U.S. Presidential Election candidates.

Kicking-off this project is the Democratic debate happening on July 23. So from June 14-July 22, users can formulate their own questions, create videos of themselves asking those questions, and upload the videos in YouTube. A CNN political team will then evaluate those videos and select the most creative and compelling questions and air those videos live on CNN during the coverage of the Democratic debate on July 23.

All submitted videos of questions to be asked for the Presidential candidates must meet the following guidelines:

  • Keep it quick— less than 30 seconds.
  • Make it look good— high audio and video quality.
  • Choose your focus— one or all of the candidates on a single issue.
  • Be creative— unique settings and approaches.
  • Be personal— perspective and general relevance.
  • Subject to the YouTube Terms of Use.

So, start creating your videos now, and if you get lucky, you just might get your own 10 seconds of fame on CNN.

Arnold Zafra
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