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For the fifth installment of the Pimp My Links series we are featuring MyPunchbowl, a web based party planning application. MyPunchbowl makes it easy to put together all the pieces of organizing a party including picking the date, sending invites, managing the catering, purchasing supplies, renting equipment, and more.
MyPunchbowl is definitely one of those sites that could create a widget that would actually be useful. Offer users the ability to create widgets for their parties and then post them to their MySpace page or blog. This is a win-win, MyPunchbowl gets exposure and so does the party that is being thrown. There are a number of other widgets that could also be created, for example, a list of who’s coming to the party, recent message board activity, after party images, and more. Don’t forget to make the widgets search engine friendly.
###MySpace, Facebook, etc
Where are the MySpace, FaceBook, Bebo pages for MyPunchbowl? These people like to plan parties don’t they? You betcha, this is the ideal demographic for MyPunchbowl and they should be getting in front of the people on these sites.
###Email Message
I think MyPunchbowl could gain some more adoption if they put a little message at the bottom of the emails that gets sent out for invites. Something along the lines of: “Let MyPunchbowl help you plan your next party, so you can spend your time partying instead of planning… Signup now!”
###Custom Public URLs
I think that the party page and party message board should have public URLs that are short and memorable. That way a user can easily post them on their blog or share them with their friends. Right now the URLs are private, so if I type one in and I am not registered it redirects me to the homepage and prompts me to register. If I am not already a registered member of the site I might want to view the activity before I signup. I am not suggesting that anyone should be able to post them without registering, but at least give the party planner the option to make them private or public.
###Blog Posts
MyPunchbowl could do a much better job utilizing their blog to talk about parties especially because these types of posts have a high likely of spreading. Posts like these can get a lot of attention on blogs and social media websites: the complete guide to throwing the best super bowl party ever, 10 tips to planning a better party, How to get more beautiful girls at your party, and The 5 best occasions for an excuse to party.
Everybody loves parties and talking about them. By making it easy for these party discussions to become portable with things like widgets it will increase the exposure of MyPunchbowl. They also need to do a better job of reaching the demographic through social media sites and other places younger kids who like to party hang out.
MyPunchbowl, you have been “Pimped”!
Now we’d love to hear your opinions. Did you like our ideas? Do you have more things to suggest? If so feel free to say it in the comments below. We are still accepting submissions for the “Pimp My Links” series, so if you haven’t sent us your URL you can do so through our contact form.

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