PayPerPost Secures $10 Million in Venture Capital Funding

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, PayPerPost (PPP) is continuing to grow with the help of $10 million dollars in new venture capital funding. The article goes on to provide some numbers regarding the size of PPP’s network of both advertisers and publishers (emphasis mine):

PayPerPost connects advertisers, who want promotion for products or services, with bloggers for hire. Advertisers determine whether they want a positive, neutral or even a negative review and how much bloggers will be paid. PayPerPost has about 8,700 advertisers and 50,000 bloggers. Most advertisers choose neutral reviews because bloggers are more likely to take those, company officials said.

With a network already of that size, PPP is clearly poised to grow. This funding though shows that the same paid blogging opportunities that have muddied the waters of search engine marketing are here to stay a while longer.

Stay tuned to see how Google and others react to news in this industry, as it’s been a primary reason for them to be concerned about paid links and their impact on search rankings.

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  • Dan

    My company used them… It was difficult to get writers from any sites that had any decent traffic…even with a high pay rate offered.

  • Eric

    I have been on both sides of the market at PPP. As a blogger it keeps be motivated to add fresh content everyday in addition to paid posts. It sure beats the $20 in AdSense I make every month. As an advertiser it was great, because you get a bit of free buzz when posting an opportunity. I can’t suggest any ROI from that experiment, but I am sure others have calculated it.

  • Richard

    Sounds interesting, can you post some info about the best ppp networks?

  • Andy Beard

    Actually they received the funding over 2 months ago at the same time as they launched their PayPerPost Direct marketplace (that was 2 weeks after the service launch)
    Here are full details