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One of the major features of the WordPress blogging platform that makes it as a widely used and very popular CMS is its simplicity and functionality. Even sweeter is the fact that WordPress has a very distinct feature that extends what it can do – plugins.
For the past several years WordPress has amassed a large database of plugins which covers many things, from a simple traffic analytics to the creation of periodic newsletters and more. Well, plugins aren’t just for blogs anymore.
If you’re running a business website or even just a simple blog and you want to avoid the the pitfalls of losing valuable leads from the information you added to your CRM system, Salesforce’s has created a plugin that you can use for your business contact forms.
WordPress-to-Lead : Lead Generation
WordPress-to-lead plugin, unlike the usual procedure that contact forms does, is to get data from the contact forms. But to do this, you must have Salesforce CRM running too. Once you’ve activated and installed the plugin and had Salesforce CRM running, you can start tracking all your transactions, sync it with Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and other webmail client and manage all your contacts and lead information better. The plugin takes away the the dauting task of tracking leads by checking in your email inbox and putting information to CRM.
If your company uses Salesforce as its CRM system of choice, there is no reason to use any other WordPress contact form plugin on your company blogs.
Via AllthingsCRM :
As a small business owner, every lead counts. You want to make sure that your website monetizes. You want to make sure people can contact you through your website. You have a two choices – a contact form that sends messages to your email inbox, or a contact for that sends messages and captures lead information directly into your CRM system.
If you want to learn more about the WordPress-to-lead plugin, check out the video below:

If you want to take a shot at using this plugin on your website, sign up for the Salesforce free trial.

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