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Now You Can Browse Local Store Inventory in Google Search

Google has updated its Local Inventory Ads with features that now extend to the Knowledge Panel and Google Maps. The updated ad unit allows searchers to browse in-stock products when the name of a retail location is searched for.

The new features are being rolled out on both desktop and mobile for a select number of retailers. So far, the feature has been spotted when searching for major retailers such as Ikea and Macy’s. Google announced in May that this feature would be coming, so it has been expected for some time.

Nicolai Helling was first to spot the feature and provided a number of screenshots of what it looks like in action. In the Knowledge Panel, the feature appears as a new line underneath the NAP (name, address, phone number) information which reads: “Search items at this store”. In Google Maps you will be able to find this option underneath the store’s hours.

Clicking or tapping on “Search items at this store” will bring lead you to a page hosted by Google where you can search for the exact item you need. Selecting an individual product will bring you to a dedicated product page with information about the product, as well as where it is available to purchase both locally and online.

This feature is a paid service offered by Google as part of its Local Inventory Ads program. In order to be eligible to have customers browse your store within Google, you will have to be an advertiser with your products and inventory information added to the Local Inventory Ad program.

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Now You Can Browse Local Store Inventory in Google Search

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