Nokia Slams Apple Again

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Nokia has not pulled its punches with Apple in the past, buying AdWords that have reached straight for the heart of Apple fanboys. Yesterday, photos of Nokia poster ads made their rounds on the internet. Today, we examine the efficacy of these ads.
The backstory of the iPhone unlocking conflict is well-known by now: Apple threatened that any iPhones with third-party apps installed would be bricked with the next update. And although some users are reporting that the bricking mechanisms have been circumvented, many have taken to the internet with metaphorical pitchforks and torches to flay Apple for its apparently blatant disregard of its most fervent customers.
When Apple dropped the price of its iPhone, Nokia responded glibly and effectively. Now comes word that Nokia is playing up the versatility and compatibility of its own phone in what can only be construed as a direct attack against Apple. I really enjoy these advertisements for the following reasons:
Simplicity – The ads aren’t gaudy. They don’t have a list of Nokia features. They don’t even explicitly identify Apple. Just some white text on a black background, leaving the reader to conjure up all the emotions and associations herself. The worst that can be said about the ads is that there is an air of smugness about them, but it’s also an amusing and clever air.
Topicality – Although the “Steve Jobs vs. iPhone hackers” war has been brewing for some time now, it wasn’t really until this past week that news of the threatened firmware update really spread. Nokia was able to get these ads out just in time for them to have an impact on the Apple fans whose phones are now in lockdown mode.
Taking Advantage of Weakness – Support for Apple has been waning in recent weeks, due to arguable missteps in its public relations and marketing. These ads seize on this unique opportunity and try to play up Nokia’s advantages while emphasizing Apple’s shortcomings.
Most importantly, Nokia got tons of free publicity on Digg and Reddit, not to mention several prominent blogs, for its efforts. This was a well-placed, well-done, low-cost advertising campaign that exploded onto the internet and reached exactly who Nokia wanted it to reach. Well-played.

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