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I’ve recently started learning about PPC and I’m really loving it so far. One thing you may notice (especially if you’re working through Google Adwords) is that it can be very confusing at times.

Not anymore. Launched by Aaron Wall (you may recognize him as the CEO of SEO Book) we are proud to present the PPC Blog Community– a community which encourages learning about PPC and offers training so you’re not alone. The forum offers many things-

You’ll find tons of  amazing resources in the community- such as PPC training modules ranging from the all traditional Google Adwords, to advertising on relatively new platforms such as Facebook and Myspace.

PPC Blog encourages learning and sharing- not to mention it has a lot of great free stuff. If you have any interest in learning or expanding your PPC knowledge, this is great for novices and veterans alike. When you sign up, make sure you hop into the welcome thread as well as introduce yourself to others. Enjoy!

Selena Narayanasamy
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