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Pick up the phone and spend a half-hour with a leading industry blogger. That’s what Universal did and they’re making waves because of it. This week one of their employees took a half-hour out of their day to call Chris Thilk, owner of Movie Marketing Madness blog, to talk about Miami Vice. This was one simple gesture that’s going a long way.
Well it’s no secret that reaching out to the social media in a positive way can lead to a lot of buzz. It seems like common sense yet so many companies are failing to do it. I’m not sure if it is because they think they are above that or they just don’t think it works. We’ve seen enough examples to know that it works so maybe it is the former, or maybe they are just scared.
Is buzz marketing something you can plan and execute with success? If it’s done right of course. Mark Cuban recently offered one lucky winner to come work for him, the winner will be the person that comes up with the best response for marketing movies without spending $60 million. In his post, Mark says that his company has tried every form of marketing there is including viral, yet he’s looking for more.
So obviously Mark’s movies aren’t having the kind of success with buzz marketing that others like Snakes on a Plane, for example, are having. That’s great that he says they are doing buzz marketing but they are obviously not doing it right. I’m noticing that most movies are waiting too long to try and create the buzz, when the buzz should start the day the filming does. Waiting until a week before your movie opens to release clips on YouTube just won’t have the same effect. You need to give people more time to spread the virus, and of course the more times they hear about it (branding) the more likely they are to remember it.
Now I realize that the critics will come back at me and say that buzz marketing isn’t something that can be planned, it just happens. There is some truth to that but you can plan buzz. If you don’t have something that’s buzz worthy you can create it, that’s the beauty of it, even if it’s just something as simple as picking up the phone.

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