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Most Popular SEJ Articles for July 2012

 1). How to Deal with Creativity Block

by  David Wallace | @DavidWallace

David provided an infographic that can help you with that blank page staring back at you. For those of us that are constantly blogging and creating different forms of content, this IG can be super helpful.

 2). Facebook Ads: What Are You Really Paying For?

by Jake Filan | @jakefilan

This post has been one of the most active and engaged posts we have had in a long time. If you are paying for Facebook ads, this is a must read.

3). The Holy Grail of Panda Recovery – A 1-Year Case Study

by  Alan Bleiweiss | @AlanBleiweiss

Alan breaks down what happened with a client, his Panda recovery strategy, and valuable takeaways any SEO could use. There are many things to learn from this post.

4). Local SEO with Google+

by Sujan Patel | @SujanPatel

If you want to do well in Local SEO, we suggest you read this post. Find out what you need to know about your Google+ page and Google Places. Sujan breaks down what actions you need to take to do well.

5). 10 SEO Techniques All Startups Should Be Using

by Sujan Patel | @SujanPatel

If you are a startup entrepreneur or business, this is an article you must read. Sujan breaks down 10 SEO techniques you need to understand and implement if you want to be competitive and successful online.

6). Why Google Hates Payday Loans (But Loves Profiting from Them)

by  Anony Mous

This was an interesting post for us because the writer was afraid of retribution from Google. If you have payday loan companies (and maybe even car title loans),I suggest you take a peek at this post and the data analysis inside.

7). 5 Pinterest Boards for Content Marketers

by  Ann Smarty | @seosmarty

Take some time to look through each board that Ann breaks down for us, and see which could be helpful to you.

8). The Strategic Inbound Marketing Guide to Big Results Without Big Budget

by  David Klein| @davidaklein

The always entertaining David Klein gives you a step-by-step guide on where to start and how to run your inbound marketing campaign. The information given is fantastic for all marketers to review.

9). Why Is Google Penalizing My Exact Match Keywords?

by Mike Boudet | @mboudet

PPC can be extremely difficult, and there is a major learning curve for beginners. This article can be enlightening for anyone who is working with Google PPC.

10). Google Panda Update Tips and Timeline [Infographic]

by  David Wallace | @DavidWallace

Need help with Panda? With this infographic, you can learn about the impact of Panda in the beginning and see a timeline of the changes.

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Most Popular SEJ Articles for July 2012

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