Google Panda Update Tips and Timeline [Infographic]

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, you no doubt understand that the Google Panda Update that was initially released at the beginning of 2011 is designed to penalize sites with weak content while rewarding sites with quality content. Since the initial release of this algorithm update, there have been several “updates to the update” that are designed to tweak the way the original update performs.

Sound confusing? It really doesn’t have to be. The essential fact to keep in mind here is that as long as you are producing good, quality content, your site should not suffer any negative effects from Panda.

The following infographic from provides a detailed timeline of Google’s Panda update to the company’s search algorithm. Additionally the infographic offers some advice on how to help your site stay in Google’s good graces with specific actions you can take on your site. The advice may seem to be elementary, but if you feel you have been affected by Panda in a negative way, it might be time to take a hard look at these items and see if there might be some ways you can improve your site.

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  • Chris Koszo

    “Inforgraphic” ? I’m in, FOR any graphic that has to do with SEO 🙂 Maybe you just coined a new word David.

    But thanks for the post, there were some interesting stats that I didn’t know, e.g., “80% of sites hit by Panda are still trying to recover”. I wonder if this statistic is for the first Panda (that would be bad, wow), or for any Panda updates since then (more likely).

  • Taaza

    Thanks for sharing such a nice Infogarphic of Google Panda. It is really easy with this to understand Google Panda. Looking forward for Penguin updates too.

  • Brent Manning

    Excellent information and a great way to educate clients about the best practices to avoid being penalized in a very visual and friendly manner.

  • Subu

    Excellent infographic on Google Panda .

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Quran

    Terrific Infographic and so simple

  • Arun Singh

    Google panda update really make me scared. When Google says google is going to update panda not me but i think most of the people scared and think what is going to happen soon with them. You have shared a nice post and it will really help to me. Thank you so much for your nice post and sharing your experience with us.