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5 Pinterest Boards for Content Marketers

Are you a content marketer? Do you love Pinterest? If you don’t, you should, because there is no better place to find relevant content for your industry, nor is there a quicker way to share that content. Not only can you find plenty of items to educate you on the latest information in today’s online market, but you can also use it to promote yourself by creating a fun and informative board for others to follow.

Plenty of others have had that idea, and they have created some great boards that you should check out. Five of my personal favorites are possibly even the best boards on the social networking site.

1. Internet Marketing Posts

Internet Marketing Posts

Most of these pins are links to outside sites, and all of them are high quality posts that are really helpful. You can find information on topics like creating better content, niche ranking, and using YouTube to generate traffic, among others. I am surprised this board doesn’t have more followers, as the quality seems to have been carefully maintained. One thing that is disappointing is that there are only 42 pins, and it has been stuck at that number for a while. I would have liked to see more posts, and maybe if there were more posts, there would be more followers. Nonetheless, what is already posted is well worth a look.

2. Infographics Infographics

This is another board that should have a lot more followers than it does. The board features more than 300 infographics related to social media, content marketing, and PR, and I have found many great ones that have been really helpful. The graphics are in English, but the descriptions are not, and that might explain why there are fewer followers than I would expect. It’s probably harder for the majority of users on Pinterest to find this board by searching. In any case, this is a must follow for anyone who is looking for industry specific infographics.

3. Branding/Marketing


This one is a smaller board, but there is nothing but high quality infographics on marketing and branding here, including a few good ones on the history of content marketing in both a pre-modern and modern context. Everything here is really interesting, and it is one of my favorite collections of visual data that I have found anywhere on the web. And that is saying a lot, given the many blogs now dedicated to the topic.

4. Infographics


One of the largest infographic boards on Pinterest, this board has 1,400+ pins and thousands of followers. Of course, there isn’t a specific subject focus for these pins, so it can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to searching for relevant content marketing pieces. I have noticed a bit of an emphasis on social media, however, and that can be helpful, especially for general information that you can apply to your industry’s context.

5. Marketing, Media, Etc.

Marketing, Media, Ect.

This is mostly a board for infographics, but there are some links to outside articles, as well. I have found a lot of really cool data here. The fact that there are 90+ followers, yet only 27 pins, should speak for itself. There is quite a bit on content marketing on the board, as well. It isn’t updated often, but everything on the board is so good that it is worth the follow.


Content marketing is an interesting and varied topic, and there is always more to learn. Boards like these give you a ton of information and allow you to enjoy yourself while reading them. Not to mention, you will also have the ability to share that content with others who might find it useful.

What are some of your favorite marketing boards on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments, or share your own!

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5 Pinterest Boards for Content Marketers

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